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CorruptionByCops.com is a collaborative effort between the CbC management team, participating police organizations and civilians around the world.  Each, in their own way are attempting to ensure that honest and fair policing is the only brand of policing that is administered by those who have sworn to provide just that.  We believe that public discussion through our blogs will help I that effort.

It’s our contention that the vast majority of cops do their jobs well and to the best of their abilities (Good Cops).  A much smaller but influential group do not (Bad Cops). Lastly, an ever-growing group of civilians policing our neighborhoods deserve our attention and inspection (Civilian Patrols).

Here, on this site, Blogs are created by our viewers and monitored by us to present truths and facts that aren’t always heard.  Police corruption of any kind can’t be tolerated. It can undermine public trust in law enforcement, unfairly attack human rights and those of law abiding civilians alike.

In America, “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” are often protected by the good men and women of law enforcement when nobody else can respond.  We should never forget to be grateful. However, officers who disobey their oath to serve the public should never be allowed to put themselves above the law; the same law that every civilian must obey.  As public servants, that should be tolerated. We, the people, must do our part to expose bad cops for our sake and that of good cops who should be supportive of our efforts. After all, why shouldn’t they be?

We look forward to your active participation in the Blogs.  Stories about goo cops, “Hero cops” are just a welcome as those of bad cops.  Both types of stories are welcome for Civilian Patrols as well. Most importantly, if you need help, our online community and those skilled to assist you are ready to help.  Speak out!

Let’s make policing around the world as good as it’s supposed to be.  As always, thank you for your ongoing support.

Management Team