Shomrim – the Protectors or ..? Players 1-9

Shomrim – the Protectors or ..? Players 1-9

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Select BSSP Boro Park Shomrim members: pose with former NYPD 66th precinct commanding officer, Deputy Inspector John Sprague. Top row (left to right): Official from DA’s office, Ari Weiss Unit-93, Moses “Moshe” Reichberg Unit-23, Pinny Ringel Unit-60, Joel Klein Unit-37, FSSP Flabush Shomrim Coordinator Chaim Deutsch Unit-01, Abraham Motty “MNS” Brauner Unit-58,
former member Booky Tessler Unit-62, Coordinator Abe Kaztow Unit-65, Yunty Rosenberg Unit-72, Hershy Eichenstein Unit-44
Bottom row: Coordinator Sam Follman Unit-48 and Coordinator Jacob “Yanky” Daskal Unit-05


The Players in a High Stakes Game of Pseudo Law Enforcement, Borough Park Favoritism and Political Pandering

LostMessiah, April 19, 2016

We owe a lot to our contributors who provide us with information, stories and leads. Every once in a while there are those who provide us with information; and it is hard for us to tell where one story begins and another ends or where another begins and the second one ends. This is one such story.

New York City Hasidic community politics is very complicated. There are private/public community boards and then there are the volunteer Shomrim (protectors) and the paid police/fire/ambulance. The presence of the Shomrim requires the intricate cooperation of municipal organizations including the police, fire department and emergency services. The emergency services in many of these communities are privately owned, privately funded “charities.” In some cases, those so-called charities offer high paying salaries and preferential treatment.

The existence of the Shomrim alone is a source of financial necessity and, of course, the funds flowing into and out of each Shomrim organization can be boundless. It is not clear how it is actually calculated or accounted for, from where the funds are received and to where the funds are distributed. Articles on this topic are somewhat inconsistent as are, we guess, the funds themselves. We do know for certain that taxpayer funds are involved and may be extensive.

While some of the details of the Shomrim organizations may be sketchy, what is clear is that the power brokers within the ultra-Orthodox community whether within the seats they hold as publicly elected officials or within the vast network of Hasidic “charitable LLC’s” have largely unencumbered access to money, political clout, police protection, government advocacy, increased allocations of public assistance and the list goes on and on.

In our view, the players listed below, amongst a larger group, have created the structural framework for years of almost near lawlessness, the flow of endless sums of moneyzoning and rezoning, the boundless sustenance of a highly insular community and the flow of taxpayer money into the linings of very specific pockets.

Trying to unwind the fabric of those pockets of corrupt public officials and ultra-Orthodox/Orthodox businessmen is like trying to carefully untangle a spider web into silk thread, equally as sticky and perhaps equally as toxic. You never know when the wolf is going to be a spider or the spider a black widow nor do you know when it is going to attack.

With the arrest of Shaya “Alex” Lichtenstein, we would not have considered the Shomrim to be an access point for arms dealing, falsifying gun licenses and bribery and conspiracy related thereto. That possibility had not come across our desktops and we have debated all day whether we would have believed it if it had. Licthenstein and co. have been added as players in this game of scandal and corruption today.

In 2016 a high level probe into funds that were spent on banquets for New York City cops (McDonald Avenue) brought Community Board 12 (CB12) into the limelight. CB12 is the Community board out of Borough Park, Precinct 66. It was in that precinct thatHamlet Peralta owned a club, frequented by NYPD police officials. It may have been in that club that Hamlet Peralta conducted his businesses including a Ponzi Scheme in which Norman Seabrook invested $5M of Corrections Officers Benevolent Association funds. It was at about that time, that we were introduced to two people who have become synonymous with New York City shady wheeling and dealing. We will focus on one of those two, who we have referred to as “Player 1.”


Within the context of that probe, we were introduced to Jeremy Reichberg, who allegedly kept his nephew, Shlomo Reichberg from the long arm of the law with some of his connections within the Shomrim in Borough Park and other New York City officials, allegedly including police officers and potentially heads of law enforcement. The Daily News reported on April 10, 2016:

EXCLUSIVE: Jeremy Reichberg, Brooklyn bigwig in FBI corruption probe, allegedly used NYPD connections to help nephew escape assault charges

” It would seem that the Shomrim and CB12 have some incestuous relationships within both organizations. According to one article: ” His nephew, Shlomo Reichberg, was part of a gang of disassociated Hasidic teens called Grouplech, which means forks in Yiddish, community sources said. The Hasidic hooligans were involved in two reported violent attacks in 2012, according to the victims.”

Jeremy Reichberg (along with Jona Rechnitz) may very well be guilty of fraud, money laundering, bribery and trading contributions-for-favors in high level political arenas. With regard to this story Reichberg and his connections within the Hassidic community of Borough Park, direct much of the activity within and without that community and may have farther reach, woven within greater NY politics.


Pinny Ringel has been mentioned before in connection to the McDonald Avenue banquet. But his close ties to Assemblyman Dov Hikind and Mayor de Blasio should not be overlooked. While arguably he is, after all, the liaison between Mayor de Blasio and the ultra-Orthodox community, he is also the Twitter Account feeder for Community Board 12. While his own personal Twitter feed has been on again, off again recently, the fact that he is the public source of information gives him significant power. He can censure, censor and edit the information in and out of the community at will; and this is part and parcel to the reasons why his importance to all of the players in the Manhattan Borough Park community should not be dismissed.

Pinny Ringel, however, is no stranger to controversy. In November of 2012 it was reported that:

BSSP Boro Park Shormim member Pinny Ringel Unit-60 allegedly IMPERSONATES the NYPD!!!

“Pinny Ringel, a longtime member of BSSP Boro Park Shomrim is the former owner of Hi-Tech 2000, a cellphone store on 13th Avenue in Boro Park. He has also worked for over a decade in Brooklyn politics. Ringel entered the political arena in 2002 as a community liaison for then-NYC Councilman Simcha Felder. He maintained that position until Felder resigned from the city council in 2010. Ringel has also worked for Mayor Bloomberg’s two re-election campaigns. Following Simcha Felder’s resignation from the city council, Ringel found a job in NYC Public Advocate Bill de Blasio’s office as a community liaison.”In 2014, the same Pinny Ringel, who had impersonated a member of the Shomrim, was appointed by Mayor de Blasio as “Senior Leader to the Jewish Community“. We guess that integrity was not one of the qualifications for the job.

Player Number 3 – MOSHE WIEDER

Moshe Wieder may have been able to set his seat at the first player position. He is, like may others mentioned in and out of the potentially shady land of Hasidic business, a “philanthropist.” He seems to work and not work, as detailed in articles below. Regardless of whether or not he actually does work the alleged 70-hour days, he has somehow managed to amass a fortune including a $500K + salary from 2 charities that take in millions in contributions. Mr. Wieder is also first Vice Chairman of Community Board 12 (which if you will recall, hosted the banquet on March 21st).

See below for a historical context and more information.

Player Number 4 – DAVID GREENFIELD

David Greenfield’s place in the political structure of New York Hasidic communities begs no real introduction. His power and influence are obvious from the description available on New York City’s own website:

“David G. Greenfield was elected to the New York City Council in a special election on March 23, 2010 and overwhelmingly reelected in November 2012 and November 2013. In all three races, he won a majority of votes in each neighborhood of the 44th council district including Midwood, Borough Park and Bensonhurst.

David chairs the Council’s influential Committee on Land Use which oversees the Department of City Planning, the Landmarks Preservation Commission and the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications. As part of its portfolio, the committee reviews and must approve all applications for zoning changes across New York’s five boroughs. As Land Use chair, David oversaw the rezoning of the Domino Sugar factory in Brooklyn, Astoria Cove in Queens and One Vanderbilt in Manhattan — a historic deal which included $230 million in transportation improvements by the developer to Grand Central Terminal. David also serves as a member of the Speaker’s leadership team and the Council’s budget negotiating team, which is responsible for negotiating New York City’s $78.5 billion budget with the Mayor’s office.”

Player Number 5 – BARRY SPITZER (a/k/a Berri Spitzer)

Barry Spitzer is the District Manager of Community Board 12, elected in 2012 (first Hasidic ever elected, etcetera, etcetera). There are a few of those descriptions in various news articles. He is the person who apparently writes the Checks for events bought and paid for by Community Board 12. His access to cash appears unfettered and if at least a portion of the various news articles are correct, his financial wheeling and dealing largely goes unchecked.

It was in 2014 that Community Board 12 hosted a banquet in honor of police of Brooklyn’s 66th Precinct. It was an elaborate, event that was nothing short of fine dining. The tremendous, buffet could have served almost 400 people.

The event was catered by Basset Caterers on Avenue X and was held at a location on Mc Donald Avenue in Midwood, Brooklyn. It cost close to $3,000 of taxpayer’s money.

A previous member of the board, Aaron Tyk, told the FBI that the expense of the event did not get approval from the board and it was kept a secret by District Manager, Barry Spitzer.

Tyk wrote to the Department of Investigation and the Controller’s office stating that he was unjustly removed from the board as a result of talking about the feast. A lawsuit based on the allegations has been dismissed.

“Something like this, a private party, is unprecedented and problematic,” Tyk said.

Spitzer, the board’s district manager, said the party was properly paid for and held on June 11, 2014, to honor the precinct’s cops on Medal Day, as well as other public workers.

See additional information below.

Player Number 6 – R’ YIDEL PERSTEIN (a/k/a Yidel Perlstein)

R’ Yidel Perlstein like other “first Hasidic ever” who in 2012 ran to be the first ever Hasidic Chair of Community Board 12. It was Yidel Perlstein who recommended Barry Spitzer for his position. Most of the information on Perlstein is available below and more will be posted later.

Player Number 7 – YANKY DASKAL

By all accounts, Yanky Daskal has a well established relationship with Assemblyman Dov Hikind. He is also a notorious bully, repeated throughout nearly every article except for those referring to him as a “philanthropist.” This reputation dates back many years. In 2012 in a blog entitled Boro Park Shomrim Exposed, “Does BSSP Boro Park Shomrim Coordinator Jacob “Yanky” Daskal bully his way into getting free food? Part I

it was reported that:

“Sources inside BSSP Boro Park Shomrim tell us that Coordinator Jacob “Yanky” Daskal is allegedly notorious for bullying his way into receiving free goods from neighborhood businesses. Sources tell us that he allegedly does this in two manners. First, Jacob “Yanky” Daskal repeatedly returns to businesses that once called Shomrim to resolve an incident – sometimes as far as a decade back – and reminds them that Shomrim assisted them and then demands free goods. He’s allegedly known for doing this at Dagan Pizza on 16th Avenue and 49th Street amongst other places. Members inside Shomrim complain that Daskal gives them a bad name for this habit and have pleaded with the other coordinators to stop him. He allegedly continues to do so without shame, and allegedly exploits businesses that once needed Shomrim’s help.”

“His second tactic is to allegedly demand free goods and services from his own members’ shops. During the time that Shomrim member and search director Avigdor Brief Unit-63 owned his struggling restaurant, Glatt Diner, on New Utrecht Avenue and 56th Street, Daskal allegedly ate without paying his bill. Allegedly, he would also demand food to bring home. When Brief would allegedly ask Daskal to pay – albeit at a discounted rate – Daskal allegedly reminded him that he is “the only coordinator which matters” and can dismiss him at will. Brief then had to allegedly continue providing him free services in order to remain a member.”

Player Number 8 – Detective Mike Milici

Detective Milici has been involved with the Hasidic community for a number of years. He is referred to in articles as a “long time community affairs detective.” The Forward referred to him as “a longtime Boro Park fixture. While commanding officers of the 66th Precinct are rotated in and out, Milici has been working in the neighborhood for decades.” Over the last several weeks his name has hit the headlines a number of times. However, we are focused on his relationship to Reichberg, primarily has it affected his nephew, Moshe Reichberg.   T.O.T. Newsroom reported:

A Borough Park couple claims cops threatened to arrest them if they continued to make noise complaints against their neighbor whose brother’s close ties to the NYPD are now being probed by the FBI.
The dispute started last summer after Mordechai Reichberg and his family, who live on the top floor, began to make a lot of noise, according to the pair, who asked to remain anonymous.
The husband says he texted Reichberg whose brother Jeremy is being probed by the feds – and asked him to keep it down.
Shortly afterwards, two cops from the 66th Precinct station house came to their door, the couple said.
To their surprise, the officers threatened to arrest them if they didn’t stop “threatening” their neighbor.
“They showed up for nothing,” the wife recalled. “They were intimidating us for no reason.”
The couple was so upset and taken aback they actually went down to the precinct to complain about the officers. But officers there said there was no record of a visit, the pair claims.
The noise allegedly continued.
About two months ago, the couple once again asked the Reichbergs to try to be more considerate, to no avail.
Those personal complaints led to two more unannounced visits from the NYPD, according to the downstairs pair, who never filed a formal 311 complaint or grievance with the NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau.
The NYPD says it has visited the location six times since 2015. But those visits were tied to complaints about illegal parking on a burglary alarm that went off.
On Monday night, asked about the dispute, a woman who identified herself as Mordechai Reichberg’s wife said her husband wasn’t home, adding, “I will not comment on that.”
A neighbor who lives next door from the feuding neighbors corroborated the complaints against the Reichbergs.
“Everyone is aware about what’s going on,” the man said about the noise making. “He’s my neighbor and I have to live with him.”
By all accounts, Jeremy Reichberg had close ties to officers in the precinct and frequently bragged about his connections.
Last week, Michael Milici, a longtime community affairs detective in the precinct, was placed on restricted detail after he refused to answer questions from a grand jury, sources said.

On April 5, 2016, it was reported by the New York Daily News that:

An [sic] NYPD officer tangled in the snare of a federal probe has been put on modified duty and stripped of his badge and gun, the Daily News has learned.

Michael Milici, a longtime community affairs detective in the 66th Precinct, was placed on restricted detail after he refused to answer questions from a grand jury, sources said Monday.

The trouble began when the feds launched a financial fraud inquiry within the NYPD. It grew out of an earlier probe by the FBI and the Manhattan U.S. Attorney’s Office that involved fraud and possible money laundering, sources said.

Player Number 9 – Shaya “Alex” Lichtenstein (Late Addition)

Shaya “Alex” Lichtenstein has been a member of the Brooklyn Shomrim. Apparently, he utilized his connections in that position to begin dealing in arms and licensing permits, which it would appear is quite lucrative. On April 16, 2016, he was arrested in his home in Pomona, New York after he was caught discussing just how lucrative the take could be with an undercover officer. He claims that he is no longer a member of the Shomrim and is out on $500K bail as of this afternoon. We find the brazenness of his crimes almost refreshing, for lack of a better word. We hope that the Court ordered that he turn in his multiple passports. We also think that his arrest is going to lead us in a different direction, another tangled mess. But, for now…

According to the leading article in the story of Lichtenstein’s arrest:

“He claimed all of his customers were eligible applicants and that he was merely asking the officers to speed up the process, the indictment shows.

But a review of his cases showed one applicant who was approved for gun permit in 2013 had a long criminal history, prosecutors said.

The unnamed full carry license holder had been arrested for forgery and was the subject of at least four domestic violence complaints, “including one in which he was accused of threating to kill someone,” the indictment said. The person also had 10 moving violations and three vehicle-related summonses.”

Lichtenstein made millions in this scheme and the police officers who were transferred immediately prior to Lichtenstein’s arraignment probably comprise only a tiny number of those involved in the scheme.

For additional information click here.

Historical Context and Controversy for the Players, dating back to 2011??

On September 25, 2011, Benjamin Lesser reported in The Daily News that Governor Cuomo was forming a task force to look into charities and their financial practices. It would seem that such a lofty goal was abandoned not long after it was reported on.

One of the people in that article whose businesses Governor Cuomo wanted to review was Moshe Wieder is First Vice Chairman of Community Board 12.

Charity bosses raking in money


Moshe Wieder
Moshe Wieder claims he works 70 hours a week to justify two salaries totaling $519,000 from two charities that receive millions of taxpayer dollars annually.
In 2009, Wieder claimed he worked 35 hours a week running Behavioral Health Services, a small mental health facility in Brooklyn that paid him $132,000.
At the same time, he also claimed to work 35 hours a week for the $387,000 he got from the Global Business Institute, a nonprofit trade school in the city, records show.
Both groups admit in 2009 tax forms their executive compensation is not reviewed by “independent persons,” nor do they use compensation data from comparable groups to set pay.
“That’s high-risk behavior,” said Owens, the ex-IRS official.
In the summer of 2009, Wieder’s son, David, began running the center. He was paid $143,000 in 2010, records show.
“I put more than 35 hours, I’m a workaholic,” Moshe Wieder told The News.
He said he’s not involved in discussions about his salary and that it’s reviewed by an accountant, and he defended hiring his son, saying he’s a lawyer.
“He’s extremely bright and has seen me run the operation,” he said.

New York Daily News, Charity Bosses Raking in Millions.

From KarmaBrooklyn Blog in 2010





5910 – 13 Avenue, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11219

(718) 851-0800    FAX # (718) 851-4140      email:            

Marty Markowitz                  Alan J. Dubrow                   Wolf Sender
Borough President               Chairperson                     District Manager

Moshe Wieder, First Vice Chairman

Martin Katz, Second Vice Chairman
Roberta Feinstein, Secretary
Larry Jayson, Sergeant-At-Arms

July 8th, 2010
Please be advised that the next regularly scheduled meeting of Community Board 12 will be held on:


7 PM

5901 – 13TH AVENUE

AMICO SENIOR CENTER AVENUE (Entrance on 59th Street – 3rd Floor)



“Also, Councilman Greenfield was erroneously marked “present” as a Board Member, when he is now, in fact a New York City Councilman. With all corrections being duly noted, the minutes were unanimously approved. ”

Mr. Dubrow took this opportunity to welcome the new Board Members, and asked each to stand when called to allow fellow Board Members to become familiar with them. Following are names of newest Members: Yakov Abramou, Margaret Tobin, Anna Cali, Lili Marinelli, Mendel Reiner and Mendel Zilberberg.

Mr. Dubrow informed all that the office has sent out the committee preference list and information sheet; asking that all Board Members please return them to the office as soon as possible. New committees will be formed in September, so if preference sheets are not returned, members will be assigned to a committee.

Mr. Dubrow also reminded everyone that Tuesday, August 3rd is National Night Out Against Crime. The 66th Precinct, along with the 66th Precinct Community Council and Community Board 12 will host the event outside of the Precinct from 6 to 9PM. There will be all kinds of good food and activities for the kids. Flyers were left on the front table.”

Mr. Sender announced that awards were being given out for the outstanding work done by everyone involved in the Passover bread burning. He recognized that there were many people involved in keeping Boro Park a safe community throughout the year, there were not enough awards to be given to every single person. Mr. Sender stated that awards were being given to the leaders and coordinators of the teamwork; specifically the NYPD, FDNY, Sanitation, Parks Department, , Shomrim, Chaverim and Hatzolah and remarked on the hard work and wonderful effort made by all. Mr. Sender introduced Councilman Brad Lander and Councilman David Greenfield to join in presenting the awards. ”

“Chairman Dubrow called upon Councilman David Greenfield to say a few words.

Councilman Greenfield remarked that nights such as this make us realize what a unique community Boro Park is, to have everyone come together to do such a wonderful job; acknowledging each agency and volunteer group. He also welcomed the six new Board Members, being what he believes to be the largest new group in awhile. Councilman Greenfield congratulated this great group of people, recommended by Councilman Brad Lander and himself.

Councilman Greenfield also announced that it is budget season, with a deficit of 3.2 billion dollars, and that by New York City law, unlike New York State, the budget must be passed on time. He explained that Councilman Lander and he are working very hard and fighting for the issues that matter; specifically for senior centers, child care centers, and to recover the funding proposed to be eliminated for Priority 7 day care vouchers. Twelve thousand letters of support were delivered to the Mayor’s office during a rally held on the afternoon of this Board Meeting, when the Deputy Mayor was asked to restore these funds. Councilman Greenfield likened this uphill battle to the work of paramedics, in that once they see a patient, regardless of how bad it may look, they do whatever needs to be done to restore the patient to health. He stated that Councilman Lander and he will keep fighting and doing whatever they can to ensure the health of this community and its agencies.”

“Mr. Dubrow introduced Pinney Ringel, representing Public Advocate Bill de Blasio

Mr. Ringel advised all that the Public Advocate could not be there due to an emergency, but thanked Councilman Lander for his kind words. He went on to state that the Public Advocate is very happy about the Culver El progress, and wished all a happy summer.”

City Planning ULURP applications for Culver El properties.
C 100345 ZMK, etal – Culver El Rezoning – submitted by NY City Planning and HPD Approximate area: 36th to 39th Sts. And 12th to 14th Aves.

Cb 12 Chairman Alan Dubrow stated that he and Board Members Larry Jayson and Chaim Israel would have to recuse themselves from voting on this matter due to their involvement.

Yeruchim Silber stated that he was speaking on behalf of Variance Committee Chairman Peter Rebenwurzel, who was away. Mr. Silber said this is a very important rezoning project, being the largest seen in some time. The area is currently zoned for light manufacturing, and the surrounding areas for medium density residential districts. With this proposal, part of the area would change to allow medium residential, part would go for commercial zoning, and the bulk of the property would change to a mixed usage of current light manufacturing as well as medium density residential. The purposes for the rezoning is to bring area buildings to scale, and to develop affordable housing on the site of the old Culver Elevated subway line. The Committee voted unanimously to recommend approval of the ULURP process. A public hearing will be held by Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz on July 8th, 2010. Margaret Tobin questioned if this project includes green space. Discussion followed.”


SUNDAY, MARCH 24, 2013

Yidel Perlstein, Community Board Member, exposes his family to the Gay Candidate for Mayor,Quinn

Quinn and Yidel Perlstein and Ezra Friedlander  (Lisker Rebbe’s Son)

Yidel Perlstein, first Chassidic Community Board 12 member, takes photo with the Gay Candidate Quinn.
Is this what Chassidism now endorse? And what about Ezra Friedlander, the son of the Lisker Rebbe, is this what we are going to do now? Expose our precious children to perversion?
They keep talking about Tznious ….but have no problem being friends with gay candidates…
What a bunch of hypocrites. Its all about the Almighty Dollar!
See United to save AmericaDusiznies at 9:46 PMShare

R’ Yidel Perlstein Running to Be First Ever Chasidic Community Board Chair in New York City

(Friday, March 23rd, 2012 02:57 PM)

“Brooklyn – Borough Park resident and businessman Yidel Perlstein, a respected local community leader and devoted father and husband, is running to be the first-ever Chasidic Chairman of Community Board 12. Mr. Perlstein’s landmark race has the support of Councilman David G. Greenfield and Assemblyman Dov Hikind. Mr. Perlstein has devoted countless hours of his time and many resources from his successful businesses towards improving the community. Mr. Perlstein, along with his supporters including Greenfield and Hikind, believe now is the time to bring fresh enthusiastic leadership to Community Board 12, which votes on its Chairman next week.
“Yidel has always been a trailblazer who is devoted to the community,” said Councilman Greenfield, who recalled first meeting Mr. Perlstein in his capacity as a board member of Yeshiva Gan Yisroel. “Yidel is a true leader who turned the Yeshiva around by doubling its enrollment and boosting its funding, and has helped countless of yidden in our community with the mitzah of pidyun shvuim. I am confident that Yidel will lead Community Board 12 with the same passion and commitment he has displayed in the many causes and organizations he’s involved with.”
“As Chairman, I want to make Community Board 12 a place where every household and resident feels comfortable in turning to us with any local problems or issues they may have and be confident that it will be resolved. I hope to empower the board to ensure that every member has a strong voice and the ability to make a positive contribution. I am honored by the trust and confidence that Councilman Greenfield and Assemblyman Hikind have shown in me, and will take this role very seriously if elected on Tuesday,” said Perlstein.
It’s rare to find a resident of Borough Park who hasn’t been touched in some way by Mr. Perlstein’s generosity. He was instrumental in planning the annual Lag B’omer parade, enjoyed by thousands of children and parents. Working closely with city agencies including the NYPD and Mayor’s Office, Mr. Perlstein used management skills and vision to quadruple the attendance and fun. For decades he has dedicated hours each year passing out food packages to those in need before Passover. As a Borough Park JCC board member, he was instrumental in organizing last year’s food handout in partnership with the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty, providing much-needed meals to hundreds of families throughout the community.
Mr. Perlstein’s leadership experience is exemplified in his business. He’s a proven job creator who has dramatically expanded his truck leasing company since taking it over, growing it from just three trucks and one location to 300 trucks and several new locations within the borough, in turn providing many jobs for the community. Lastly, Mr. Perlstein’s is a true family man and Borough Park native. His extended family resides in Borough Park and hails from the neighborhoods served by Community Board 12. Most importantly, he is a devoted husband and father of four children.
Community Boards were established to give residents a greater and local voice in city government. Each board is comprised of up to 50 volunteer residents and is headed by a board-elected chair. Under the Chair’s leadership, the Board meets monthly to advise elected officials and government agencies on many matters that have a significant impact on local quality of life.
The members of Community Board 12, which represents over 200,000 residents of Borough Park, Dahill, Kensington and Midwood, will vote on Mr. Perlstein nomination for Chair at the next meeting, Tuesday March 27 at Amico Senior Center, located at 5901 13th Avenue, starting at 7 p.m. Because of the important role these communities play in city government for the communities of Brooklyn, the election of Mr. Perlstein would make history as the first Chasidic leader to guide this important city body. To help support the local community, community members are encouraged to attend Tuesday’s meeting and publicly support Mr. Perlstein’s candidacy.”


– See more at:


“Many BSSP Boro Park Shomrim members sport NYPD patches on their BSSP Shomrim jackets. Allegedly, Pinny Ringel is among them. They usually have an additional “volunteer” patch affixed right above the NYPD patch. The only volunteers authorized directly by the NYPD to wear NYPD patches are Auxiliary Police Officers, whose patches clearly state “AUXILIARY” above the regular NYPD patch. While Shomrim’s habit does not necessarily constitute police impersonation, it is alleged that at times they do indeed impersonate the NYPD. Today we’ll discuss an alleged attempt by BSSP Boro Park Shomrim member Pinny Ringel Unit-60 to impersonate the NYPD while campaigning for NYS Senator David Storobin.
BSSP Boro Park Shomrim member Nathan Abraham Schwartz Unit-89 wearing BSSP Boro Park Shomrim jacket with NYPD patch.Photo Credit: The Yeshiva World. All rights reserved to them.
BSSP Boro Park Shomrim coordinator Sam Follman Unit-48and Moses “Moshe” Reichberg” Unit-23,wearing BSSP Boro Park Shomrim jacket with NYPD patch.With them is NYC Councilman David Greenfield and an FDNY official.
BSSP Boro Park Shomrim member Chaim Korbluh Unit-16wearing BSSP Boro Park Shomrim jacket with NYPD patch.Photo Credit: The Yeshiva World. All rights reserved to them.
BSSP Boro Park Shomrim member Nathan Abraham Schwartz Unit-89
wearing BSSP Boro Park Shomrim jacket with NYPD patch.
Photo Credit: The Yeshiva World. All rights reserved to them.
BSSP Boro Park Shomrim member Nathan Abraham Schwartz Unit-89, and coordinator Sam Follman Unit-48,wearing BSSP Boro Park Shomrim jacket with NYPD patch.With them is buff Baruch “Booky” Kaluszyner wearing a Lakewood Shomrim Jacket.Photo Credit: The Yeshiva World. All rights reserved to them.
When rumor had it that Felder was considering a bid for the newly formed NYS 17th senatorial district, Ringel allegedly approached Felder to get his old job back. Sources close to Felder allege that Felder asked Ringel to wait it out a bit, while he sized up the campaign. Allegedly, Ringel then immediately sought a gig with State Senator David Storobin’s campaign and was hired as his chief of staff.
Former NYC Councilman Simcha Felder sitting with BSSP Boro Park Shomrim member Pinny Ringel Unit-60.Ringel is now Chief of Staff to his election opponent.
Felder is perhaps best known within the community for sponsoring the BSSP Boro Park Shomrim mobile command post. Sources inside the Felder campaign allege that State Senator David Storobin’s Chief of Staff and BSSP Boro Park Shomrim member Pinny Ringel allegedly approached Felder campaign workers handing out Felder campaign literature, allegedly flashed his Shomrim ID card while allegedly wearing his NYPD patched jacket, and allegedly threatened them stating that he’s an NYPD cop. While our sources are his competitor’s campaign, this incident has reportedly been caught on tape. Sources inside the Felder campaign promised to release it to us after the election. Stay tuned.
BSSP Boro Park Shomrim Mobile Command Post,parked the wrong way on 13th Avenue, and Sponsored by then-NYC Councilman Simcha Felder.Photo Credit: The Yeshiva World. All rights reserved to them.
We find it utterly surprising that Pinny Ringel would abandon the man that first got him started in politics. Furthermore, we find it appalling that Ringel would then work for his former mentor’s opponent. Finally, in a spirit that’s unique to Shomrim, Ringel is working against the councilman that sponsored the BSSP Boro Park Shomrim command post and that has been a strong financial supporter of Boro Park Shomrim. Have the BSSP Boro Park Shomrim coordinators lost control of their members? Why are they allowing Pinny Ringel to allegedly abuse his Shomrim paraphernalia in order to hurt their benefactor? “

See also:

BSSP Boro Park Shormim member Pinny Ringel Unit-60 allegedly IMPERSONATES the NYPD!!!

Yeshivah World News, NYC Mayor de Blasio Appoints Pinny Ringel As Senior Liaison To Jewish Community (Monday, September 29th, 2014 04:31 PM)  – See more at:

Pinny Ringer assaults cyclist:


In 2014 Barry Spitzer was elected to become Community Board 12 District Manager, as reported by Yeshiva World.

Barry Spitzer, a Borough Park resident and deputy chief of staff to Councilman David Greenfield (D-Brooklyn), was elected Tuesday evening as Community Board 12 district manager. Mr. Spitzer’s election is also considered a milestone, since he’s the first Hasidic Jew to serve as a district manager in the city of New York.

Chairman Yidel Perlstein recommended Mr. Spitzer as the board’s only candidate.

Mr. Spitzer, who has worked with Councilman Greenfield since he announced his run for council in 2010, was elected in an unanimous vote.

Outgoing district manager Wolf Sender was recently appointed by Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson as his Jewish liasion.

“Community Board 12 made an outstanding selection in Berri Spitzer as the next District Manager,” Councilman Greenfield told YWN. “Berri is one of the hardest working, most dedicated and sincerest people I know. I am confident that he will do great things for the community.”

Other candidates interviewed to fulfill the job of Sender, were Fred Kreizman and Aaron Tyk. Kreizman previously served as assistant Commissioner for Community Outreach in Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s administration. In the first five years of Bloomberg’s tenure as Mayor, Kreizman served both Brooklyn Director and Citywide Director of Community Outreach.

– See more at:

Additional Sources:

FBI investigation into NYPD corruption focuses on off-the-books banquet for Midwood cops, April 7, 2016

David G. Greenfield

  • District 44 – Council Member – Democrat
  • Chair on Land Use


October 23, 2012

BSSP Shomrim Coordinator/Police Liasion Jacob “Yanky” Daskal allegedly interrogated by NYPD in regards to assault!

“Jacob “Yanky” Daskal, coordinator and police liaison for BSSP Boro Park Shomrim is allegedly under NYPD investigation for a recent assault that took place inside the Sefardishe Shul in Boro Park. Daskal, who is the vice president of the shul insisted upon davening for the amud for mincha (leading the afternoon prayer services). A congregant objected to Daskal leading the service, and a shoving match ensued. During this petty shoving match, Daskal is alleged to have kicked the alleged victim in his groin area resultingin serious injury. The victim’s medical physician is alleged to have insisted upon a police report being made. The matter allegedly remains under police investigation. Rabbi Kaufman of the Sefardishe Shul is allegedly supporting the victim and has ordered the case before a Beis Din. “Advertisements



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East Meets West and the Odd New York Times Exposé

East Meets West and the Odd New York Times Exposé

In “In the News”

Jona Rechnitz - NYC Property Owner Tied to Alleged Police Corruption

Jona Rechnitz – NYC Property Owner Tied to Alleged Police Corruption

In “Corruption”

Grant Acquitted, Reichberg Convicted

Grant Acquitted, Reichberg Convicted

In “Jeremy Reichberg”

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Fundraising Event for Bill de Blasio’s 2017 Re-Election Bid CanceledR&R-linked cops “squeezed” for information: NY Daily News Editorial

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Head of Interpol Meng Hongwei accused of corruption, Chinese government says

By Ben Westcott and Steven Jiang, CNN

Updated 7:58 AM ET, Mon October 8, 2018

Wife of missing Interpol boss gets cryptic text

PauseMuteMuteCurrent Time0:57/Duration Time1:58Loaded: 0%Progress: 0% FullscreenNow PlayingWife of missing Interpol…

Source: CNNWife of missing Interpol boss gets cryptic text 01:58

(CNN)The head of Interpol, who vanished after taking a flight to Beijing, is being held and investigated for corruption, the Chinese Ministry of Public Security said in a statement Monday.Meng Hongwei, who also was a vice minister of public security in China, has been accused by the Chinese government of accepting bribes and committing unspecified other crimes.”(Meng) insisted on taking the wrong path and had only himself to blame (for his downfall),” the country’s top law enforcement official, Zhao Kezhi, was quoted as saying in the statement.Authorities had previously remained tight-lipped about the whereabouts of Meng, following his sudden disappearance last month after he flew from France to China.In an earlier statement released on Sunday, the Chinese government said Meng was “under investigation” by the National Supervisory Commission, the country’s top anti-corruption unit, but gave no further details on whether he was in custody or what the charges might be.Concerns over Meng’s whereabouts were first raised by wife, Grace, who reported him missing to French authorities in the city of Lyon, where the couple live, last Thursday.She was moved to contact authorities after she received a final text message on September 25, shortly after he arrived in China, with a knife emoji and instructions to “wait for my call.”That call never came.The South China Morning Post, a Hong Kong-based newspaper known for its connections inside the Chinese government, said Meng was “taken away” for questioning upon landing last week. The newspaper cited an unnamed source.In a separate development, Interpol said it had received Meng’s resignation from the international police agency with “immediate effect” according to statement posted Sunday. It made no mention of the former president’s whereabouts or the Chinese investigation.

Loyalty to Xi

Meng is the latest high-profile figure to be taken into custody following the wide-ranging campaign against corruption undertaken since Chinese President Xi Jinping came to power in 2012.

Fan Bingbing: China says missing actress fined for tax evasion

Fan Bingbing: China says missing actress fined for tax evasionThe Chinese president promised his government would catch both “tigers and flies” — the powerful as well as regular citizens — and has brought down high level officials such as former security tzar Zhou Yongkang.In the statement on Monday, authorities alluded to ties between Zhou and Meng, who rose through the government’s security apparatus under Zhou.The statement said Meng’s fall highlighted Xi’s resolve in cleaning up the ruling Communist Party and stressed the importance of political loyalty to the party’s leadership under Xi.The admission by Chinese authorities comes just one week after another prominent Chinese figure on the world stage appeared to vanish after falling foul of Beijing.One of China’s best-known actresses, Fan Bingbing, reappeared following a lengthy disappearance in the past week, admitting to tax evasion and promising to pay a large fine.”That China feels so emboldened to disappear even one of its most famous actresses … should be a real wake up call that anyone within China could be next,” human rights advocate Michael Caster wrote for CNN in September.

Mystery disappearance

Speculation as to the whereabouts of Meng has dominated international headlines, in the face of an initial stony silence from the Chinese government.Meng has lived in Lyon, where Interpol is headquartered, since assuming the role of president in 2016.In an emotional press conference Sunday, Grace Meng told reporters that concern for her husband is a matter that “belongs to the international community.” She added, “Although I can’t see my husband, we are always connected by heart.”Grace, who waited 10 days before reporting her husband’s disappearance to French authorities, told police in Lyon that she has received threats on social media and by telephone.In a statement Friday, the French Interior Ministry confirmed that it was looking into the situation and that a “suitable police mechanism” had been put in place to guarantee Grace Meng’s safety.

Chinese government admits head of Interpol 'under investigation' after disappearance

Chinese government admits head of Interpol ‘under investigation’ after disappearanceFollowing the Chinese official’s apparent resignation, Interpol announced South Korea’s Kim Jong Yang would serve as acting president until the organization’s general assembly picks a permanent president next month.When Meng was chosen as the next president of Interpol in 2016 the move was warmly welcomed by Beijing, who said China was ready to “take on bigger responsibility and make greater contribution to push for global law enforcement.”Meng was the first Chinese Interpol president and oversaw the agency’s executive committee, which sets overall strategy.However, there were concerns after the announcement was made that having a top Interpol official with a position in the authoritarian Chinese Communist Party could turn the body towards Beijing’s aims.

CNN’s Kelly McCleary, Eliott C. McLaughlin and Saskya Vandoorne contributed to this report.


NYC ‘Muslim Community Patrol’ Car Not Approved by Us, NYPD Says


Twitter screenshot of Muslim Community Patrol Car.

In late December 2018, New York residents spotted a white and blue “Muslim Community Patrol” (MCP) vehicle that looks like an official NYPD vehicle. Yet in a statement to PJ Media on Wednesday, the NYPD disavowed any link to the Muslim Community Patrol. Any attempts to enforce Sharia (Islamic law) would not be sanctioned by the police.

“This is not an NYPD vehicle,” Sergeant Jessica McRorie told PJ Media. “The NYPD did not outfit or label this vehicle. This group is not officially sanctioned by the NYPD and they are subject to the law.”

The New York Post reported on the Muslim Community Patrol vehicle on Christmas Eve last year. The Muslim Community Patrol joined the Jewish population’s Shomrim and the Brooklyn Asian Safety Patrol, longstanding religious and racial community groups that provide security for local minorities.

The Post found the patrol car — a white Ford Taurus with the MCP insignia nearly identical to those of an NYPD patrol car with the words “Muslim Community Patrol” where an official police vehicle would read “Courtesy Professionalism Respect” — cruising on Fifth Avenue in Brooklyn’s Bay Ridge, a local community with a growing Muslim population.

According to state records, the Muslim Community Patrol was incorporated in November 2018. The Post‘s calls to the MCP went unanswered.

Muslim #Patrol Car has been
spotted in Brooklyn New York— AlwaysActions (@AlwaysActions) December 29, 2018

When the Brooklyn Asian Safety Patrol (BASP) launched in 2014, it had close ties to the police department. “They are our eyes and ears,” NYPD Deputy Inspector James Grant, who helped start the program, told the Post in 2014. The group received civilian-observation-patrol training from the NYPD, as well as support from the volunteer Jewish watch group Shomrim.

The BASP launched with a team of 15 Asian-American residents, walkie-talkies, uniforms, and two NYPD-style patrol cars. Its members — like those of Shomrim — do not have the authority to stop and detain people, but they call 911 if they witness a crime or spot someone acting suspiciously. NYPD officers will then come and stop, question, and frisk people if warranted.

These community groups work as part of “broken windows” policing, targeting small-time crimes in order to prevent more serious ones.

The BASP uses cars with an official NYPD logo, unlike the Muslim Community Patrol cars.

Google Hosts Sharia Law App Enabling Muslims to Report Blasphemy and Heresy to the Police

Given this background, the NYPD’s full-throated insistence that there is no link between the Big Apple’s police and the MCP suggests that the Islamic group does not enjoy the same status and training as Shomrim or BASP.

If the Muslim Community Patrol is off-book and does not coordinate with the NYPD, it may apply specific readings of Sharia (Islamic law) in its community monitoring. Since some forms of Sharia advocate honor killings, child brides, and other abuses, they may directly violate some American or New York City laws.

Sergeant McRorie’s statement that the MCP is “subject to the law” should serve as a reminder that if this new Islamic force attempts to enforce such harsh versions of Sharia on citizens, authorities will respond. Any “creeping Sharia” that violates local, state, or federal law will not be tolerated.

Follow the author of this article on Twitter at @Tyler2ONeil.

‘Muslim Patrols’: Sharia Enforcers Hit Britain’s Streets

The influential leader of a Brooklyn safety patrol known as the SHOMRIM had been sexually abusing a teenage girl,

Yanky Jacob Daskal, 59, who runs the Shomrim’s Brooklyn South Safety Patrol, a Hasidic neighborhood watch group, abused the girl between August and November of last year, police said…

Brooklyn safety official charged with raping 16-year-old girl

By Rocco Parascandola
| NEW YORK DAILY NEWS |May 10, 2018

Brooklyn safety official charged with raping 16-year-old girl
 Yanky Daskal was charged with rape and criminal sex act, plus three misdemeanors — forcible touching, sex abuse and acting in a manner injurious to a child

An official with an influential neighborhood watch group in Brooklyn has been charged with raping a 16-year-old girl, police said Thursday.
Jacob Daskal, 59, who runs the Shomrim’s Brooklyn South Safety Patrol, a Hasidic neighborhood watch group, abused the girl between August and November of last year, police said.

Daskal was charged with rape and criminal sex act, plus three misdemeanors — forcible touching, sex abuse and acting in a manner injurious to a child.

Shomrim’s links to law enforcement have been a subplot in the ongoing federal probe involving two businessmen and a number of NYPD supervisors. In 2016, the FBI investigated what role the supervisors may have played in securing gun licenses for members of Shomrim. Daskal, who lives in Borough Park and has strong ties to the NYPD, was not charged in that case.

Brooklyn Safety Patrol Leader Is Charged in Sex Abuse of Teen

Jakob Daskal, the head of the Brooklyn South Safety Patrol, leaves court in Brooklyn on Friday after he was arraigned on charges that he sexually assaulted a 15-year-old girl.CreditStephanie Keith for The New York Times

By Al BakerMay 11, 2018
On Wednesday, sex crimes investigators for the New York Police Department received a troubling report: The influential leader of a Brooklyn safety patrol known as the shomrim had been sexually abusing a teenage girl, the police were told.
A day later, detectives arrested the man, Jacob Daskal, a leader of one faction of what has been, since the 1970s, a sort of auxiliary police force for the ultra-Orthodox Jews of Brooklyn’s Borough Park, Crown Heights, Flatbush and Williamsburg neighborhoods.
Mr. Daskal, 59, was charged with statutory rape, sexual abuse and other crimes. The authorities believe the abuse took place at Mr. Daskal’s home between August and November of last year, when the girl, who is now 16, was a year younger. But the inquiry is continuing, to determine if the alleged abuse occurred over a longer period of time or if there were additional victims.
The revelations cast another shadow over a group that has long cultivated relationships with New York’s law enforcement and elected leaders — and that has secured government funding for vehicles, phones and other equipment integral to its brand of security for some of the city’s most insular populations. On several occasions, critics have questioned whether the shomrim’s proximity to authority has fostered vigilantism or corruption.

In May 2016, two men linked to the shomrim of Williamsburg admitted to taking part in the assault of a black man in their neighborhood. A month earlier, Alex Lichtenstein, a former member of Mr. Daskal’s Brooklyn South Safety Patrol, which covers Borough Park, was arrested on federal charges of trying to secure handgun permits by offering the police thousands of dollars in cash bribes.
In the case of Mr. Daskal, 59, he was arrested at 12:30 p.m. on Thursday, within the 77th police precinct, the police said. He was then taken to the Brooklyn Special Victims squad, they said.On Friday, the police said that Mr. Daskal had been charged with third-degree rape; third-degree criminal sex act; forcible touching; acting in a manner injurious to a child less than 17; and third-degree sexual abuse. He shuffled, handcuffed, into court for arraignment and pleaded not guilty before Judge Deborah Dowling, who issued an order of protection on behalf of his accuser.
Evan Lipton, a lawyer for Mr. Daskal, said his client was prepared to surrender his passport. 
Afterward, as Mr. Daskal was released on bail, some supporters surrounded him in a hallway as Mr. Lipton told him, “Your phones have been seized.”
It was not immediately clear what triggered Wednesday’s report to the police.
Around Borough Park, people seemed dazed by the news of the arrest.

“This is the last thing anybody would believe,” said one man, a neighbor, who stood outside Mr. Daskal’s house about noon, watching as a van from the Crime Scene Unit pulled to the curb. Throughout the morning, investigators, some wearing latex gloves, converged on the brick duplex set back from 46th Street as onlookers, including several children, gathered outside.
On those same streets, the shomrim are seen as quick-acting stand-ins for police officers. With their two-way radios and social media links, they have won praise for keeping a watchful eye on the community, chasing down burglars, controlling crowds and locating the missing.
Residents, many of whom are Yiddish-speaking and cling to a culture rooted in preindustrial Europe, trust the shomrim as liaisons to secular authorities, who can negotiate language barriers and complex social mores.
According to state campaign finance records, Mr. Daskal has been a consistent political contributor over the years.
Police officials, too, have embraced the shomrim. It is commonplace for shomrim leaders to attend promotion ceremonies at Police Headquarters in Lower Manhattan.
In 2015, a year before he became police commissioner, James P. O’Neill, then the chief of department, threw out the first pitch at an annual softball game between officers from the 66th Precinct and members of the Borough Park shomrim. Mr. Lichtenstein played in that game, the Greenfield Classic, named for David G. Greenfield, a city councilman who represents the district. In an interview in 2016, however, Mr. Daskal denied that Mr. Lichtenstein’s criminal case involving the gun permits had anything to do with the shomrim.
On Friday, as investigators streamed in and out of Mr. Daskal’s house, signs of their connections were evident. Parked in the street, near Mr. Daskal’s driveway, were a pair of shomrim vehicles outfitted like police patrol cars: emergency lights; a shield logo; the words “Courtesy Professionalism Respect” written on the side.

Orthodox Brooklyn Police Precinct Ensnared in FBI Corruption Probe

Josh Nathan-KazisApril 6, 2016

On the Jewish holiday of Purim, ultra-Orthodox big shots in Brooklyn invite police officials over for holiday meals. Then, they share the pictures on social media in an implicit contest over who drew the highest-ranking officer.

Now, those cozy relationships are drawing scrutiny amid a reported federal corruption investigation involving Orthodox businessmen and a raft of New York Police Department officials.

One informed source, a private security consultant who works in the Orthodox community, told the Forward that one of the businessmen named in press reports about the investigation, Hasidic activist Jeremy Reichberg, flaunted his ties to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio to exert influence in the NYPD’s 66th Precinct, which encompasses Boro Park and other heavily Orthodox Brooklyn neighborhoods.

“He’s working with the Mayor’s office, so he had a little bit more connection than any other schmuck on the street,” said Joe Levin, founder of T.O.T. Private Consulting, a security consulting firm specializing in the Orthodox community.

The New York Post reported on April 5 that the FBI is in the midst of a “massive corruption probe” examining trips taken by high-ranking police officers allegedly paid for by Orthodox businessmen. According to the Daily News, a community affairs detective who has served in the 66th Precinct for many years, Michael Milici, has been temporarily stripped of his badge.

Reichberg, one of the three Orthodox men named by the Post, hosted a 2014 dinner attended by de Blasio. The Mayor’s office did not respond to a question about de Blasio’s relationship with Reichberg. Reichberg could not be reached for comment.

According to Levin, Reichberg is just one of many Hasidic activists with outsize pull at the 66th Precinct. “This [precinct] is owned by the Hasidic community,” Levin said. “This is no joke.”

The NYPD did not respond to a request for comment about the reported investigation. At a press conference April 5, police commissioner Bill Bratton said that the department would cooperate with the federal probe.

The political intricacies of the 66th Precinct, which includes within it the heavily Jewish neighborhoods of Boro Park, Midwood and Kensington, have a long history of causing trouble for the police. The precinct house on 16th Avenue bears the departmental nickname “Fort Surrender,” in memory of a bloody night in 1978, when an angry ultra-Orthodox mob broke into the building, injuring dozens of police officers.

In 2006, the NYPD Chief of Department Joseph Esposito, a former commanding officer of the 66th Precinct who is now commissioner of the city’s Office of Emergency Management, was forced to apologize after being accused of using derogatory language about Jews amid an intense clash with ultra-Orthodox community members outside the same 66th Precinct station house.

Despite those and other blowups, ultra-Orthodox advocates have worked hard to keep relations warm between the community and the precinct. Cultivating close ties to the police is seen by some as a defense mechanism. “Historically [in pre-World War II Europe], police were viewed as part of the oppressors,” said Ezra Friedlander, founder and CEO of The Friedlander Group, a political consultancy focusing on ultra-Orthodox clients. “It’s in the DNA of Jews…to show appreciation to the police, so if the community ever needs police protection there’s that camaraderie.”

In Boro Park, that instinct is mixed with the practical needs of the ultra-Orthodox community’s own parallel security and safety forces. These include the Brooklyn South Safety Patrol, better known as the Shomrim, a volunteer security group with its own police-style cruisers; the Hatzolah, an ultra-Orthodox ambulance service; and Misaskim, which aids in disaster relief. Those groups require police cooperation, and build close ties to the precinct.

None of the three men named in news reports about the FBI investigation appear to be linked to the Shomrim. Jacob Daskal, a Shomrim leader, did not respond to requests for comment.

Milici, the community affairs detective stripped of his badge, is a longtime Boro Park fixture. While commanding officers of the 66th Precinct are rotated in and out, Milici has been working in the neighborhood for decades. According to the Daily News report, Milici was asked to turn in his badge and gun after pleading the Fifth at a grand jury hearing. His attorney, Patrick Parrotta, told the News that Milici had never accepted any gifts.


An earlier version of this story stated that the May 2014 dinner at Reichberg’s house attended by de Blasio was a fundraiser for the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City, relying on a contemporary press account. In fact, the dinner was not a fundraiser, according a spokesperson for the Mayor’s Fund, who reached out after the story was first published.

Read more:


The federal probe into the NYPD
The federal probe into the NYPD (GARY HERSHORN/REUTERS/REUTERS)


An NYPD officer tangled in the snare of a federal probe has been put on modified duty and stripped of his badge and gun, the Daily News has learned.

Michael Milici, a longtime community affairs detective in the 66th Precinct, was placed on restricted detail after he refused to answer questions from a grand jury, sources said Monday.

The trouble began when the feds launched a financial fraud inquiry within the NYPD. It grew out of an earlier probe by the FBI and the Manhattan U.S. Attorney’s Office that involved fraud and possible money laundering, sources said.


Now investigators are also trying to determine if some NYPD officers accepted gifts from Jewish community leaders — including a Borough Park activist with close ties to city officials, sources told The News.

Some officers were suspected of doing favors for at least two prominent local businessmen — including providing police escorts for Jewish funerals.

The cops might have received gifts, like paid vacations, in return, sources said. Under NYPD rules, officers are not permitted to accept free meals, much less vacations.

A number of NYPD brass have been interviewed. Additionally, a former chief appears to be part of the investigation, as well as another retired NYPD supervisor with ties to the 66th Precinct.


Roy Richter, head of the Captains Endowment Association, said he knew of a federal investigation that focused on a member of the Orthodox community.

“A number of my members have been interviewed by federal investigators. All of them fully cooperated and were told they were not the targets or subjects of the investigation,” the union leader said.

The probe into illicit favor trading was sparked by a comment caught on a wiretap by a Jewish businessman, who was under investigation for something entirely different, sources said.

Sources said the feds suspect he gave gifts to cops and bought meals for at least some of them.

Milici’s lawyer said he and his client were in the dark about the feds’ investigation.

“He asserted the Fifth to the grand jury completely,” attorney Patrick Parrotta said of Milici.

“We don’t know exactly what their theory is … we don’t know what’s on their minds, he said.

Asked if his client had taken any gifts, Parrotta had an immediate adamant response.

“No, of course not,” he said. 

By ignoring corruption trial, De Blasio ‘tunes out’ the truth

By Post Editorial Board

Bill de Blasio

Robert Miller

Mayor Bill de Blasio has decided he’s through talking about the NYPD corruption trial that ended in the conviction of one of his top campaign donors — based largely on the testimony of another.

In fact, he insists he “tuned out” the entire trial, claiming it didn’t involve him. Yet the truth is that it did involve him — and his entire administration.

Despite acquitting former Deputy Inspector James Grant of taking bribes, a federal court jury convicted Jeremy Reichberg of paying them to other cops.

That followed testimony by Reichberg’s partner in pay-to-play, Jona Rechnitz, about how the two traded their campaign donations for favors from both the NYPD and City Hall.

Rechnitz, who cut a plea deal, gave similar testimony in the 2017 corruption trial of former correction union boss Norman Seabrook, who was convicted.

Much of that testimony was bolstered by emails from the mayor himself — messages that were supposed to have been made public after a court order covering a Freedom of Information Law request by The Post.

These emails put the lie to de Blasio’s repeated claims that he “hardly knew” Reichberg and Rechnitz and that he and the latter were “not particularly close.”

Within weeks of de Blasio’s taking office in 2014, the pair — who raised $252,000 for the mayor’s campaign — had been given his personal cell number and email address.

And things got even more familiar from there: The two had de Blasio’s ear on everything from suggested appointments to complaints about personal water bills.

And whenever one or the other needed a favor, they enjoyed immediate top-level access at City Hall. It’s a familiar story, one we’ve heard time and again regarding how this mayor treats his fat cats.

No wonder de Blasio “tuned out” the trial and has decided to button his lips about the whole affair. Anything he says is too likely to be exposed as another lie.FILED UNDERBILL DE BLASIOCORRUPTIONEDITORIALJEREMY REICHBERGJONA RECHNITZ

Guterres’ UN is corrupt. On Cyprus Inner City Press Asks UN Guterres About Turkish Seismic Research But No Answer

By Matthew Russell Lee, PatreonUN censors

UNITED NATIONS GATE, January 3 – After the Cyprus talks collapsed at Crans Montana in Switzerland back in early July 2017, on August 3 Inner City Press asked the UN when Secretary General Antonio Guterres’ then Special Adviser Espen Barth Eide was quitting. It happened on August 15; he has still not been fully replaced. On 3 January 2019, after Inner City Press had been twice roughed up and banned 183 days and counting by Guterres’ Security, it asked Guterres and his spokesmen in writing, “January 3-1: On Cyprus, what is the SG’s comment and action on that Turkey issued an announcement on Thursday declaring it will conduct “seismic research” in a large area of the Eastern Mediterranean which includes parts of the Greek continental shelf and the Cypriot E.E.Z.  Turkey said the research will be ongoing in the blocked-off area until Saturday, January 5? Also, what is the SG’s response to the protest letter Cyprus filed last month?”  Lead spokes- / hatchetman Stephane Dujarric was again away; his deputy Farhan Haq entertained softball questions in the briefing Inner City Press was banned from, one from Turkish state media but not on Cyprus. Guterres’ UN is corrupt. On 2 July 2018 – the day before it was roughed up the second time by Guterres’ Security and banned since, Inner City Press asked UN deputy spokesman Farhan Haq, UN transcript here: Inner City Press: Did the Secretary-General get a letter from Cyprus, his Permanent Representative in Cyprus, about alleged violations of its airspace by Turkey, and, if so, what is his response?  Deputy Spokesman:  I’m not aware of that, but I’ll check.  Have a good afternoon, everyone.” Four hours later, nothing. Is it that hard to check if a letter has been received by Guterres’ office? Then again, Guterres often does not answer, for example so far on his guards’ ouster of Inner City Press on June 22 from an event Guterres spoke at. Video here, story herenew petition here, not responded to one week later and counting. Then on July 3 Guterres’ UN ousted, and on July 5 banned, Inner City Press from the UN. Fox News story here, GAP blogs and II. On July 17 Inner City Press was still banned from the UN by Guterres – two weeks and counting for covering the budget — when the Security Council met on Cyprus and agreed to these Press Elements: “The members of the Security Council received a briefing by SRSG Elizabeth Spehar and expressed their strong support for her work. The members of the Security Council welcomed the appointment of Jane Holl Lute as consultant to the UN Secretary-General on Cyprus settlement. The members of the Security Council called on all parties to engage meaningfully with the UN consultations to seize the opportunity they represent to urgently build on the progress achieved towards a bizonal, bicommunal federal solution to the Cyprus issue, in accordance with Security Council resolutions. The members of the Security Council also called on all parties to show real political will and responsibility and make the necessary compromises to reach settlement to the benefit of all Cypriots and the wider region. The members of the Security Council welcomed UNFICYP’s further efforts on Confidence Building Measures as set out in the UNSG’s UNFICYP report, including efforts to strengthen the participation of civil society, including women and youth, in a future settlement process.” The day before on July 16, will awaiting the “investigation” the UN promised, Inner City Press e-mailed Dujarric and his deputy Farhan Haq, “In a letter to the UN, Turkish-Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci has called for a reassessment of the UN peacekeeping force’s (UNFICYP) mandate on the island. What is the SG’s thinking / response?” First there was no answer – Haq couldn’t have been busy, with Inner City Press banned there were only four questioners in the day’s noon briefing. So Inner City Press asked again, cc-ing Guterres’ Deputy Amina J. Mohammed and his Communicator Alison Smale, among others. Haq replied, “your email has been received and we are following up on answers.” But by 4 pm, nothing. This is a pattern.On June 1 Inner City Press asked UN Security Council president Nebenzia, here, which got picked up without direct attribution by the Cyprus Mail, here. On June 4, Inner City Press asked Guterres’ spokesman Stephane Dujarric, UN transcript here: Inner City Press: On Cyprus, the… the President of the Security Council, Ambassador [Vassily] Nebenzia, said on Friday, when I asked him about Cyprus, that he didn’t think that this even interim envoy would move forward until some political events took place, which I took to mean elections in Turkey.  And I wanted to ask you point-blank, I guess, because there was… basically, Jane Holl Lute was welcomed by one side, and then you said, we have nothing to announce.  Can you just give us sort of a sense of what’s led to the…

Spokesman:  It’s… you know, its a case of people speculating without any official announcement from our part.  We… you know, we will announce what we need to announce when we feel the situation is ready.  And I’m not… you know, Cyprus, as most of the issues we deal with, are delicate and complex.  And I’m not going to try to look into the future, say when… if and when we’re going to announce it.

Inner City Press: What about a quick look into the past, not on speculation, but just to understand how things work?  It’s my understanding that… that the Secretary-General tried to send Mr.  [Jean-Marie] Guéhenno to Cyprus as an envoy, and he was rejected on the grounds that he’s an EU [European Union] member.  And I wanted to know, is it true… does the UN accept that one of the parties of interest in the Cyprus matter now determines that… that EU members can’t be envoys?

Spokesman:  Listen, I’m not going to get into whatever discussions may be had, but it’s an obvious answer that the UN will not propose an envoy or a mediator or a negotiator between parties if both parties don’t agree to that person.  But on Mr. Guéhenno, I have no specific comment.

Inner City Press: I mean, is there a situation in which a party could announce a… a… a systematic banning of all… of a certain category from a continent or…

Spokesman:  Every case is looked at.” Really? Guterres was set to meet with Guehenno on June 4, still in accurately listed as CEO of the International Crisis Group… On June 6, Inner City Press asked Dujarric, UN transcript here: Inner City Press:  I’d asked you about Cyprus yesterday.  I wanted to sharpen the question.  Now, the President of Cyprus has said that he’s hoping that, after the Turkish elections of 24 June, a Special Envoy of the United Nations’ Secretary-General can explore.  So, I just… I guess I just want… it seems to be an open secret that… that… is it the fact that… that the delay in… in naming even this interim envoy is based on the… on…?

Spokesman:  Look, two things are critical in the naming of an envoy:  The Envoy and the timing.  And when we feel the time is right on both, we will move ahead.

Inner City Press:  And just… maybe relatedly or not, I noticed in yesterday’s public schedule of the Secretary-General, he had a meeting at 2:30 p.m. with Jean-Marie Guéhenno, President and Chief Executive Officer of the International Crisis Group.  First, I wanted to know, is it true that he’s still there because it seems like he’s not…?

Spokesman:  No, I think it was a mistake.  He’s no longer… it was a mistake on our part.  He’s no longer the president.

Inner City Press: And can you… is it possible to give some without getting even a full readout of what the topic was?  Did… did the Secretary-General request to meet with him?  Is he thinking of deploying him in some fashion?

Spokesman:  No, I haven’t had a chance to talk to the Secretary-General about that meeting.” And five hours later, nothing. The interim Cyprus job would only be to talk to the Cypriot, Greek Cypriot and the guarantors; for the more permanent post, if necessary, it seems no national of a P5 country, or even of the EU, could be selected. So… a diplomat from Latin America, Africa or Asia? Guterres recently sent Bathily to Madascagar, another failed mediation. The UN is getting lower each day. Here is the May 8 video: Inner City Press asked Guterres’ spokesman Dujarric to confirm that Jane Holl Lute is Guterres’ interim envoy on Cyprus. Dujarric refused. [Later, the transcript became available, here: Inner City Press: I wanted to ask you, on Cyprus, I’d asked you before — or maybe it was Farhan [Haq] — to confirm that Jane Holl Lute was named as interim envoy; it seems to be the case.

Spokesman:  No.  That’s not the case.

Inner City Press:  There is no interim… there’s no one reaching out…?

Spokesman:  I have no announcement to share with you.

Inner City Press: The… the… the Foreign Minister of Cyprus has… has thanked the Secretary-General for naming an interim official.  So who is that interim official?

Spokesman:  I don’t have any announcement for you at this point.  Yes, sir?

Inner City Press:  That’s kind of un-transparent.

Spokesman:  It’s not un-transparent.  When we’re ready to announce something, we’re ready to announce.  People from… in 193 Member States often announce things for us.  When we are ready to announce it, we will announce it.] On May 4, Inner City Press asked UN spokesman Farhan Haq, UN transcript here: Inner City Press:  A spokesperson for the Turkish foreign ministry, Hami Aksoy, has said:  “It is not possible to reach a federal solution with the Greek Cypriots’ mindset.  We believe it is time to try a new way.”  So, this is setting off waves, saying that essentially that Turkey is saying that the former framework for dealing with this may be thrown out the window.  Is there a response from the UN? And people there continue to say that Jane Holl Lute is this temporary envoy.  Is that something that you continue to deny?

Deputy Spokesman:  There’s nothing to announce about any visits and, like I said a few days ago, there’s certainly no appointment of a special envoy to announce.  Regarding these quotes, we’re not going to respond to all of the rhetoric from different officials, but what we have made clear is the need for the parties to come back to the table, and we’re trying to see what can be done to bring them back.” On May 2, Inner City Press asked the UN to confirm or deny reports that Jane Holl Lute is becoming interim envoy – the UN refused to confirm. From the UN’s May 2 transcript: Inner City Press:  there have been a number of reports saying the Secretary-General has made Jane Holl Lute a sort of a temporary or interim envoy on Cyprus.  Can you address that?  I know, also, in her other role that she has for the UN… you know, she has a number of other… of outside… some business and board… corporate board service.  Has this been vetted?

Deputy Spokesman:  At this point, all I can really say on that is that there are currently no plans to appoint a Special Adviser of the Secretary-General on Cyprus.  Upon the closing of the Conference on Cyprus last year, the Secretary-General encouraged all parties to reflect in order to determine whether the conditions would mature again for a meaningful process in the near future.  The UN is in contact with the parties to determine a way to seek the outcomes of their reflections and their views on the way forward.  Yes?

Inner City Press:  But on Jane Holl Lute, nothing?

Deputy Spokesman:  That’s what I have for now.  I’ve got no further thing to announce.” And he closed his Office five hours later with nothing. From the UN’s April 17 transcript: Inner City Press: I want to be sure to ask you something on Cyprus, just to understand better.  There’s a story in the Cyprus Mail that says, “Rosemary DiCarlo has the most likely chance of becoming the next personal envoy of UN Secretary-General António Guterres in Cyprus”… or “on Cyprus”, I guess that would be.  And I just wanted to know, is it even possible that one could be Under-Secretary-General of Political Affairs and also a… an envoy on a specific topic?  And when does she begin?

Spokesman:  As you know, we announce new appointments when we’re ready to announce them so that there’s… wherever we are in the world, there’s a wonderful game of speculating what the Secretary-General will do until there’s an announcement.  As… in theory, anything is possible.  But, obviously, we’re not in a position to talk about an announcement.

Inner City Press:  But isn’t it a job that takes…?

Spokesman:  There was a discussion yesterday with the two… in Cyprus where the two leaders had a frank and open exchange of views during their two-hour tête-à-tête discussion, which was facilitated by the UN.  This was the first time the two leaders met since the conclusion of the Conference on Cyprus in Crans-Montana in July of last year.  Both sides have made it clear that the meeting did not mark the resumption of the negotiations.  But, obviously, as we’ve always said, the Secretary-General’s good offices remain at the disposal of both parties.

Inner City Press:  And when does Rosemary DiCarlo start?

Spokesman:  1 May, I believe.” We’ll see. The UN wouldn’t even give a read out of UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres’ meeting with Cyprus’ foreign minister Christodoulides in Rome, despite Cyprus statements about it being constructive and productive. The UN calls it short and not worthy of a read-out. Video here. From the UN transcript: Inner City Press: I heard you talking about a bilateral meeting with an EU counterparty in… in… in Rome.  Did you give a readout of the Cyprus meeting?  Because the Cyprus side is. Deputy Spokesman:  No, there’s no real readout to have.  It wasn’t a very lengthy meeting.  They discussed a number of issues; as you might imagine, Cyprus would be among the issues discussed with the Cypriot Foreign Minister. Inner City Press: No, I’m saying the talks.  They’re saying the President is ready to resume talks and that this was conveyed to the Secretary-General.  That’s the headline in the Cyprus… Deputy Spokesman:  There’s no readout we have to provide of the fairly brief meeting.” We’ll have more on this. When Guterres gave his speech on 2018 priorities on January 16, among European conflicts he did not even mention Cyprus.


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Jeremy Reichberg, Brooklyn businessman guilty of bribing cops, ex-NYPD inspector found not guilty


Brooklyn businessman guilty of bribing cops, ex-NYPD inspector found not guilty
Jeremy Reichberg (left) was found guilty, but ex-Deputy Inspector James Grant (right) was acquitted on Wednesday. (Alec Tabak; Jefferson Siegel)

A former high-ranking NYPD cop was acquitted Wednesday of accepting bribes from a top mayoral donor, with two jurors slamming federal prosecutors for even targeting the defendant.

Yet the same Manhattan Federal Court panel, in a split verdict, convicted a deep-pocketed Brooklyn businessman and Mayor de Blasio backer of conspiring to bribe police officers in a scandal that cast a shadow over City Hall.

Former police Deputy Inspector James Grant turned red and teared up as the verdict clearing him was read. He patted his friend and convicted co-defendant Jeremy Reichberg on the back and told him, “You’ll be OK.”

Though the lengthy trial with its sordid allegations of mile-high sex with a hooker reflected poorly on the NYPD and City Hall, Mayor de Blasio shrugged off the highly-anticipated verdicts.

“I have no reaction,” declared the mayor. “I’ve spoken to the issue so many times, and really have no interest in talking about it anymore … I tuned it out honestly because it had nothing to do with me.”

The trial, which began Nov. 6, revealed how Reichberg, 44, showered gifts upon numerous police officers in an effort to cultivate them as allies. The jury, in its third day of deliberations, found that Grant, 45, was not among the compromised cops.

John Meringolo, lawyer for the cleared ex-cop, thanked the jury for its decision.

“I’m very happy Jimmy gets this opportunity to rebuild his life,” said Meringolo. “I’m just happy for Jimmy and his family — what they put his family through, it’s not nice.”

The case tarnished the badges of at least six high-ranking officers who weren’t charged, including former Chief of Department Philip Banks and Floral Park Commissioner Stephen McAllister, who served in the NYPD. Evidence showed they, along with other cops, accepted gifts from Reichberg and his fellow cop-cultivator Jona Rechnitz. But only Grant was on trial.

“I felt for him. He was a dupe,” juror Ives Bonilla, 67, said of Grant.

The only gift the government proved Grant received from Reichberg and Rechnitz was an American Girl doll for his daughter on Christmas 2013, the juror said.

“He was charged based on a doll! He was a good cop, a cop’s cop,” said Bonilla said.Video evidence was introduced during the trial which prosecutors argued showed how businessman Jeremy Reichberg enjoyed special privlages from police in exchange for gifts.

Another juror, who only gave her name as Joanne, said she was “absolutely” surprised prosecutors brought the case against Grant.

“We needed evidence. There wasn’t enough,” she said. “It looked like (prosecutors) were rushing the case.”

Reichberg, who faces a maximum of 65 years, was convicted of bribery conspiracy, honest services fraud and obstruction of justice in a scheme beginning in 2008. The jury acquitted him of one count: bribing Grant.

Despite the mayor’s dismissal of the case, the trial caused headaches for de Blasio, Reichberg and Rechnitz tried to gain special access to City Hall by donating over $100,000 to de Blasio’s causes around 2014. Emails revealed in court showed that Rechnitz and de Blasio had communicated more than previously known.

Rechnitz spent more than a week on the witness stand as part of a cooperation agreement with the government. He testified that both he and Reichberg showered police with gifts like fancy meals, vacations and tickets to sporting events as part of a plan to monetize their access to the NYPD by making themselves look like big shots.

Court evidence photos show accused cop-bribers Jona Rechnitz and Jeremy Reichberg on Christmas 2013.
Court evidence photos show accused cop-bribers Jona Rechnitz and Jeremy Reichberg on Christmas 2013. (Court Documents)

Reichberg charged around $1,000 to at least two people seeking to get out of jail quickly after arrests, while Rechnitz — a wealthy liar with dreams of being a real estate bigwig — boasted about his “lights and sirens” rides around the city that allowed him to cut through traffic.

The men became partners in crime after Rechnitz noticed that Reichberg had obtained a coveted parking placard by falsely representing himself as a police chaplain.

“He was the guy who dealt with all the police and the details,” Rechnitz said of Reichberg. “I was the money man.”

A male juror who declined to give his name called Rechnitz “a lying piece of sh–.” And the convicted businessman’s attorney, Susan Necheles, promised to appeal the verdict.

“So much irrelevant garbage came into evidence,” she said, referring to allegations against officers who weren’t on trial.

Reichberg, though disappointed for himself, was “very happy for his friend Jimmy Grant,” Necheles added.

Prosecutors alleged that Grant, the ex commanding officer of the 19th Precinct in the Upper East Side, was the most enthusiastic cop under Reichberg and Rechnitz’s spell.

“You are like a permanent tattoo on me,” Grant told Reichberg in 2015.

“That’s the point,” Reichberg replied.

Rechnitz recalled Reichberg insisting they keep Grant happy.

“He’s so good, he does things when we call him,” Reichberg said of Grant, according to Rechnitz.

But jurors were not persuaded that Grant did anything illegal for the pair. Prosecutors said that Grant secured a hard-to-obtain NYPD gun permit for Reichberg and made efforts to help Rechnitz get the same license. But Grant argued that he did not influence the licensing process. Prosecutors said Grant inquired about arrests on Reichberg’s behalf. But the cop argued that he didn’t actually influence the outcome of those cases.

Wiretaps showed that Grant got cranky when he felt Reichberg and Rechnitz were no longer giving him attention.

“First of all, the two Jewish f—ing elves didn’t come for Christmas,” Grant complained to Reichberg in 2015.

But Meringolo said Grant was just “busting chops” with his friend.

Most notoriously, Rechnitz and Reichberg allegedly took Grant and two other cops, Mike Milici and Marco Franco, on a private flight to Las Vegas in 2013. A prostitute, Gabi Grecko, accompanied the men on the trip that cost around $65,000 total. Grecko took the stand during the trial and said that Grant had paid her a paltry sum of around $2,000 for the whole trip.

Gabi Grecko leaves the Daniel Patrick Moynihan Federal Courthouse on Nov. 9, 2018.
Gabi Grecko leaves the Daniel Patrick Moynihan Federal Courthouse on Nov. 9, 2018. (Alec Tabak for New York Daily News)

“I was not very happy. It was not very much…That many days with those type of people,” Grecko, 29, said. “It was a long weekend.”

But one juror, Joanne, found the whole raunchy episode not credible.

“She was drugged-up. It looked like she was on something,” Joanne said, recalling Grecko’s testimony.

Manhattan U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman said “we respect the verdict as to James Grant.”

“Jeremy Reichberg orchestrated a years-long bribery scheme that led to tens of thousands of dollars in benefits being provided to a select group of NYPD officers to provide Reichberg with a private, paid police force. These illegal acts clearly undermine the mission of the NYPD and leave the citizens of New York City poorer,” Berman said.

Despite the mixed verdict, the case sullied the reputations of numerous officers.

Former Deputy Chief Michael Harrington — who was sentenced to two years’ probation for his role in the scheme — ordered an NYPD helicopter to fly over Reichberg’s party on a boat in August 2015. Video showed people aboard the boat chanting “NYPD, NYPD” as the chopper hovered nearby.

Banks and convicted ex-jails union boss Norman Seabrook were caught on a strange video participating in an anti-terrorism drill while on an all-expenses paid $50,000 trip in Israel with Reichberg and Rechnitz. Rechnitz said Banks allowed him to stash $1 million in diamonds in a safe in the Chief of Department’s office.

McAllister allegedly helped shoo away protesters from a Diamond District jewelry store for Rechnitz — in exchange for donations to the NYPD football team, Rechnitz testified.

At a Patriots vs. Jets game in 2013, Reichberg and Rechnitz gave out around 18 trophies to their preferred officers, who had attended the game for free.

Bonilla said that Banks, Harrington and McAllister all should have been at the trial. In an unusual move, Bonilla returned to the courtroom after most jurors had left the building and shook Grant’s hand.

Banks emphatically denied wrongdoing this week. An internal inquiry by Floral Park cleared McAllister in 2017.

Even Commissioner James O’Neill’s name came up in the trial. Meringolo implied through questioning that O’Neill, before he became the city’s top cop, helped a Playboy playmate obtain a gun license. She later killed herself and her son.

With Jillian Jorgensen

Former NYPD Deputy Inspector James (Jimmy) Grant, center, leaves Federal Court in Manhattan on Wednesday.
Former NYPD Deputy Inspector James (Jimmy) Grant, center, leaves Federal Court in Manhattan on Wednesday. (Barry Williams for New York Daily News)
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