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To Improve Law Enforcement

Unfortunately, there is mismanagement, big and small, in likely every organization and business in existence.  It’s hoped that police departments will address their issues in a reasonable time.  However, CorruptionByCops.com is focused more on the corruption that a small percentage of police are engaged in.  We know how difficult it is for one officer to turn in or arrest another officer for breaking the law.  They should, because they’re sworn to arrest lawbreakers but it rarely happens.  By not doing so, they too are corrupted.  One of our goals is to protect “clean” cops as well as the general public from corrupt cops who insult the very oath they were sworn to uphold.  EVERYBODY should be held to the same standards.  Now that the public will have a more effective voice through the participation in our Blogs, perhaps that will help to improve the policing, we the public deserve.