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How police terrorised Baltimore for years – BBC News

They were a bright spot in an American police department under a dark cloud. They were extremely effective at getting illegal guns off the streets.
Except they were also robbing citizens and selling drugs.

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  • Rockme Raynes says:

    The Baltimore police had their hands tied behind their backs years before all of this.
    Im not saying police corruption is ok, but what did they expect?
    Liberal policies support criminals in Maryland. I know. I grew up in Baltimore. It has completely went to crap in the city and for miles around it. There are no decent neighborhoods left unless you can afford to live 15-20 miles outside of the city. Baltimore and the surrounding areas are lost.

  • 4swordkeeper says:

    This is nothing new all over America. .. the cops are terrorists

  • Brad Johnson says:

    I live in Baltimore I wish people would stop acting like cops only mess with black people it’s a myth

  • Stupid Plumbing says:

    Baltimore City has become nothing but a cesspool. And when a city has no standards whatsoever, the only conclusion is a poor quality police department, among other things. To even think that no one in the police department knew what the members of the task force was doing, is borderline ignorance.

  • Prabh Singh says:

    So black cops are also racist against black people? I am confused??

  • kon nah says:

    None received DECADES… all got slaps on the wrist

  • Sam Tennesson says:

    Let's be honest, and real…hordes of violent black youths are destroying our city. Care to contradict?

  • Elliott Adams says:

    what do we now

  • Soyboy says:


  • Liberty Tree says:

    How about a show on black on black crime and murders?