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Q. Are CorruptionByCops.com advertisers guaranteed to provide the help I need?
A. Advertisers are entrepreneurs who contact us for the opportunity to offer their services for the relief of our readers. We verify them the best that we can. However, since we have not used them for our own needs, we cannot attest to their qualifications. Should we receive enough complaints about any of them, the advertiser will be dropped and another will be promoted for the benefit of our viewers.

Q. Why would you promote such an objectionable website targeting police officers?
A. This website honors and respects the fine work the majority of police officers around the world do. It shines a light on those officers who may have disrespected the uniform, they wear. We have a goal to improve the quality of policing as best we can. Opinions expressed, both good and bad are from viewers and are not the positions of Management.

More questions and and answers to come once they’re submitted by our viewers.