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Civilian Patrols

This is a fast-growing sector of our policing community. Like licensed officers, they too have good and bad personnel. Relate your experiences of both on CorruptionByCops.com.

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Judge Lopez-Torres: Return Carone’s Money

My name is John O’Hara and 20 years ago I was wrongly convicted by the corrupt Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes.  I lost my law license, and, for 20 years I was a convicted felon because I voted.  My conviction was overturned when newly elected DA Ken Thompson found evidence hidden by Hynes in a […]

Ex-Brooklyn Prosecutor Charles J. Hynes Accused of Misuse of Funds

By WhoIsShmira? Source: NYT – By STEPHANIE CLIFFORD and WILLIAM K. RASHBAUM February 2010: Charles J. Hynes meets with members of the Crown Heights Jewish Community A New York City Department of Investigation inquiry has implicated Charles J. Hynes, the former Brooklyn district attorney, in the improper use of money seized from drug dealers and other criminal defendants to pay a political […]


Today, Congressman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) commended the Boro Park Shomrim for their bravery in protecting the children and residents of Borough Park on Thursday night. Nadler issued the following statement: “Yesterday, four volunteer members of the Boro Park Shomrim put their lives at risk to courageously pursue a perpetrator. These four heroes were unfortunately wounded […]

Why you should care about the arrest of Shomrim leader Jacob Daskal

By Liena Zagare -May 14, 2018 BORO PARK – Last Thursday the NYPD arrested Jacob Daskal on charges of raping a 16 year old. Besides the obviously horrendous crime, this arrest is a big deal because Daskal is the president of Boro Park Shomrim (“Guards”) – the private, Orthodox Jewish, security force that patrols Borough Park. There are […]

Blaz & co. made us men in blue scapegoats

4 former Finest suing, say they were forced to retire in bribe scandal to protect mayor and ex-police commish Mayor de Blasio is catching flak from, clockwise from upper left, ex-Deputy Chiefs Andrew Capul, Eric Rodriguez and David Colon and former Inspector Peter DeBlasio. They were booted from the Police Department in 2016 after being […]

Shomrim (neighborhood watch group)

Shomrim (Hebrew: שׁוֹמְרִים, ‘watchers’, ‘guards’) or Shmira (Hebrew: שְׁמִירָה, ‘protection’) are organizations of proactive volunteer Jewish civilian patrols which have been set up in Haredi communities in neighborhoods across the United States and the United Kingdom (among other countries) to combat burglary, vandalism, mugging, assault, domestic violence, nuisance crimes, antisemitic attacks, and to help and support victims of crime. They also help locate missing people. Shomrim volunteers are unarmed and do not have the authority […]

Why De Blasio Refuses To Answer Questions About His Ethics Probes

By Post Editorial Board April 19, 2019 | 7:09pme SEE ALSO De Blasio still ducking ethics violations questions Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt couldn’t have run faster than Mayor de Blasio did Friday when it came to questions about Hizzoner’s ethics. And it’s clear why: The questions reveal just how sleazy he is. WNYC’s Brian Lehrer […]

Meet the Shomrim—the Hasidic Volunteer ‘Cops’ Who Answer to Nobody

New York pols from Mayor de Blasio down have supported the groups, even as accounts of their rough conduct pile up. Hella Winston 05.15.16 12:01 AM ET NYPD Inspector Michael Ameri shot himself Friday in a Department car hours after the FBI reportedly questioned him for a second time about a series of alleged payoffs made by members […]

Explain why a small town blogger “internet troll who ruins lives for sport” needs the NY Dem party bigwig

I-Team: NY Blogger Unmasked and Sued for Libel Wants Court Case Public A Rockland County blogger seeking to uncover crimes in the Jewish community has revealed herself By Sarah Wallace Published Dec 4, 2018 at 4:32 PM | Updated at 6:38 PM EST on Dec 5, 2018 WHAT TO KNOW Julie Globus is publicly identifying herself […]

Brooklyn businessman who bribed NYPD cops deserves 6 years: prosecutors

By STEPHEN REX BROWN| NEW YORK DAILY NEWS |MAR 27, 2019 | 12:43 PM   A cop-bribing donor to Mayor de Blasio who saw graft as “a way of life” deserves six years in prison, prosecutors wrote Wednesday. Jeremy Reichberg was convicted in December of showering NYPD cops with gifts in exchange for official actions that made him look like a major player […]

Detective Michael Milici, a 26-year veteran assigned to the 66th Precinct in Brooklyn suspended in connection to corruption probe after he filed for retirement

By JOHN ANNESE| NEW YORK DAILY NEWS |APR 26, 2016 | 2:30 AM   A longtime community affairs detective wrapped up in the sprawling NYPD corruption probe was suspended after he put in his retirement papers Monday, police sources said. Detective Michael Milici, a 26-year veteran assigned to the 66th Precinct in Brooklyn, had been put on modified duty and stripped […]

De Blasio donor allegedly got an NYPD sergeant to chauffeur a nurse he was wooing

Lots of guys have a wingman — but when married mayoral donor Jeremy Reichberg tried to impress a lady, he had NYPD brass and a police chauffeur at his beck and call, according to court testimony Wednesday. In 2014, Reichberg got a sergeant to drive her to and from a nail salon on Church Street […]