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Advisory Board


From the start, the founder of this website, Isaac Fromer, wanted to make a positive difference to benefit honest police officers and good civilians throughout the United States. Someday, the world as well. He believed that the overwhelming majority of cops, men and women alike, were honest. They’d taken their oath to protect and serve the people in their communities in the most professional and honest way they could. All people would be treated equally, strictly by the law. Likewise, he believed that most civilians are decent and respectful of their neighbors and living within the laws set by their community.

Corruption is a kind of infection which grows exponentially without assistance. It might start with a FREE cup of coffee by a grateful storeowner to an officer on patrol. Let it grow in one cop and the second cop who sees evidence of it must make a choice; whether or not to report it. It’s an unfair pressure he’s automatically subjected to as a law enforcement officer. With the psychological unity of “the blue line”, unreported crimes may become just that. The second officer becomes guilty of breaking his oath of upholding the law. And so it begins. And so it continues. And so all may suffer as a result. Most of the corruption cases we’ve exposed are far worse than coffee.

We entrust police officers with a great deal besides the legal right to carry guns and use them when necessary. We, and they, must hold themselves to a higher standard of trustworthiness that we have a right to expect. However, from a personal experience you may read about in Isaac’s Story, he became yet another victim of serious police corruption. As a result, he lost his business and its possessions. His family was shamed. He suffered financially, physically and endured severe mental anguish for years while under the care of a doctor. After six years, his case is still being pursued in court.

But like steel is made stronger by being subjected to being immersed in fire, so too was he. Not just for himself though but for all those who may have been victims of police or civilian patrol corruption in any of its forms. He wisely realized that to help active duty cops currently serving and civilians who may have already been victims and to protect those who might be targeted in the future, he would need guidance. He sought out those who had dealt with corruption and who were willing to contribute their knowledge to making a difference. Good people everywhere should be reassured that there were many, many people in different fields who answered Isaac’s call for this website. Through their combined efforts, a new and unique effort to root out corruption throughout the policing community, both civil service and civilian patrol.

Being from New York City, initially many of those who were responded were local people. In time, as Isaac reached out for more varied support. He found many good folks who shared the same desire to rid corruption from police forces. Also, to provide help to those who have suffered from it. A CBC Advisory Board of was created and soon afterward expanded because of the overwhelming response and support this website with a mission received. For obvious reasons, all member names are kept confidential. Members regularly contribute their thoughts on topics such as:

  • Website subjects
  • Content
  • Policies
  • Arranging corruption sting operations with local departments
  • Victim reporting practices and support

On occasion, some active duty police even investigate reported cases of corruption or even threats made against people at this website if in their jurisdiction. If not, they reach out to other departments for cooperation. Take a look at the different backgrounds our members come from worldwide to assist us and of course you, the public:

  • Police officers in command and from all uniform ranks
  • Judges
  • Politicians (serving and retired)
  • Lawyers
  • Religious leaders
  • Active and former civilian patrol members from groups such as Shomrim, Shmira, Muslim Community Patrol and several other ethnic organizations
  • Psychologists
  • Guardian Angels
  • Corrections officials
  • Reporters (always eager for a good story)
  • Military
  • Ex-gang members
  • Ex-business people who made payoffs
  • Private Investigators

All of the types of people above (and other folks too) willingly offered their support even before we launched this website. We expect the number of contributors to increase as we grow. If you have direct experience in the area of police corruption and are willing to take a stand against it. Email us today. Your identity will always be kept absolutely confidential.