Shomrim, a symptom of a disintegrating state

Shomrim, a symptom of a disintegrating state


Western societies have been subjected to cultural and ethnic diversification which, as its advocates proclaim, was to enrich the indigenous populations and boost their development. Contrary to the stated goals, members of different ethnic groups tend to stick together, displace the locals, and rather than morph into the culture of the host population they preserve their own,1)all the more so since their numbers are doubling and trebling and since they regard their recipient societies as weaklings without moral backbone.2)Under such circumstances separate communities form, large cities turn into mosaics whose particular religious and cultural elements are but loosely connected. Differences in worldviews, beliefs, traditions spark off mutual suspicion, aversion, animosity or an all-out enmity. Social cohesion is only make-believe with all the attendant problems which include (ethnically or racially-driven) crime.3)

When the sense of security is lost, when “the break-ins and muggings [are] beyond control”,4)and people cannot rely on the police, and such is the case in many large cities across Western Europe, with their no-go zones,5)members of a community start setting up their own policing units in self-defence. The London-based Shomrim is a prime example.

Shomrim, which in Hebrew means guardians, custodians or watchers, is officially registered as a charity6)though it performs all the tasks that are normally assigned to the police, such as patrolling the streets, responding to calls (it runs a hot-line) and apprehending criminals or suspects who they hand over to the Met because they style themselves to be “an extension to the Police’s eyes”, and hands, one might add. It was set up in 2008 and operates on the well-established New York model in North-West and North East London i.e. areas densely populated by Jews, featuring a large number of synagogues, orthodox Jewish schools and kosher supermarkets, butchers and bakers. Shomrim, whose president is Rabbi Herschel Gluck, “has almost as many people on the ground”, equipped with cars, uniforms, radios, knife-proof vests, “in the area at any one time as the Met”.7)The organization’s members are also trained by the police and claim to be able to arrive on the scene of a crime or disorder much faster than the police. They are efficient, respond to several calls a day and, if need be, are assisted by a sister Hatzola organization, which is an ambulance service run by Jewish volunteers.8)

Is Shomrim a specifically ethnic organization in an officially otherwise ethnicity-blind London? It looks as though it is. Allegedly there is “no rule saying you must be Jewish to be a member, though I’m not aware of any applications from the non-Jewish community,” says Shulem Stern, a member of Stamford Hill Shomrim.9)Apart from clamping down on crime they also protect British Jews from anti-Semitism and anti-Semitic, as they call it, hate crimes.10)Of the 146 arrests made last year, 22 were for anti-Semitic (not further defined) offences.11)Do other ethnic or religious groups enjoy such protection? What sentiments does that exclusivity evoke?

While Sadiq Khan, London’s mayor, “pledged to organise ‘urgently’ a meeting between the Metropolitan Police and the Stamford Hill Shomrim volunteer security group in response to data showing a spate of antisemitic incidents”,12)Chief Superintendent Steve Bending, Hackney’s borough commander, said: “I do not support the concept of any community having its own form of patrol service. There is a risk of other communities feeling intimidated by this course of action.” The Jewish community justifies the existence of such organizations, saying that “there are a number of barriers which sometimes make it difficult for Jewish victims of crime to contact the police. [These are] a language barrier and a culture barrier”,13)which brings us back to the opening paragraph about the blessings of diversity.

Shomrim raises a few questions. Is it proof that the British state is malfunctioning if it cannot provide its citizens with such basic services like maintenance of law and order? Does it not mean that, despite the claims to the contrary, diversity means disintegration not only into different communities that live separately but also separate police and health and other services? Will other ethnic or religious groups be allowed to follow in the footsteps of the Jewish minority? Sharia law in the United Kingdom is already a fact.14)What will be next? Can a small European country be home to parallel societies complete with their own law-enforcement and juridical organs without any harm to its integrity? Will particular citizens then identify with the state or their local leaders?

The answers appear to be glaringly obvious. If anyone can see what course of action is being taken, surely the powers that be can see it as well. If they do not counteract, then they are complicit. One or the other.


1.How Labour turned London into a foreign city: Fewer than half the capital’s population are white British, gangsters from Somalia terrorise the suburbs and even the tramps are immigrants, reveals astonishing new book, Daily Mail 2016-01-24.
2.“It is not as wrong raping a Swedish girl as raping an Arab girl,” says Hamid. “The Swedish girl gets a lot of help afterwards, and she had probably fucked before, anyway. But the Arab girl will get problems with her family. For her, being raped is a source of shame. It is important that she retains her virginity until she marries.” “It is far too easy to get a Swedish whore… girl, I mean;” says Hamid, and laughs over his own choice of words. “I don’t have too much respect for Swedish girls. I guess you can say they get fucked to pieces.” Immigrant Rape Wave in Sweden, fjordman 2005-12-12.
3, 4.Rotherham child abuse: Eight jailed for rape and sexual abuse of three girls, BBC 2016-11-04; Rotherham: eight men jailed for sexually exploiting teenage girls, The Guardian 2016-11-04; Calderdale gang jailed for grooming and abusing girls, BBC 2016-06-17.
5.European ‘No-Go’ Zones: Fact or Fiction? Part 2: Britain, Gatestone Institute 2015-02-03; the following is vehemently denied by the British side, hence especially revealing: Britain protests to Hungary over claims of ‘no-go’ zones in UK, Daily Mail 2016-09-22.
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An Accused Pedophile And Rapist As A Shomrim Member?

An Accused Pedophile And Rapist As A Shomrim Member?


The Borough Park Shomrim have a member who has been accused (but not charged) of pedophilia and accused of rape. Worse yet, the man participated in the search for Leiby Kletzky, driving throughout Borough Park in an SUV, wearing a Shomrim vest, and broadcasting that he was looking for the 8-year-old missing boy.

The alleged pedophile is David Shea Friedman, who own’s Friedman’s Photography in Borough Park.

A Brooklyn hasidic source told me yesterday that Friedman is “well known” in the community and by rabbis as a pedophile. He told me Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg repeatedly warned about Friedman on his hotline several years ago.

So I called Rabbi Rosenberg and asked about Friedman.

Rabbi Rosenberg told me he did indeed have two reports about Friedman on his hotline several years ago.

Friedman used to be the “candy man” in the Munkatcher Rebbe’s synagogue, giving candy to kids, until the rebbe found out what Friedman was allegedly doing to some of those boys in the basement of his synagogue. From that point on, Friedman was banned from going to the basement of the synagogue or using its bathrooms.

The hotline also had a story about a rape Friedman allegedly committed against a bride-to-be who came to his photography studio. He allegedly lured her to the basement and raped her there. He was arrested, but the charges were dropped when the bride’s family convinced her not to cooperate with law enforcement.

Several years ago, Rabbi Rosenberg told a senior coordinator of Borough Park’s Shomrim about Friedman’s alleged crimes. The coordinator told Rabbi Rosenberg that Shomrim had done a background check on Friedman, and it came up clean, and that was enough for Shomrim. This is especially egregious behavior in a community where many crimes are never reported to police, so there is no police record to find in a background check. And it is even more egregious when you realize Shomrim keeps it own list of suspected criminals – especially of pedophiles – that it has not reported to police.

There are still two unsolved Borough Park child abductions, one of a 4-year-old girl, the other of 14-year-old girl.

Both cases involve luring or forcing the child into a vehicle and committing a sexual assault.

In both cases, parents refused to cooperate with police. Yanky Mayer, known as a “fixer” for the haredi community with police and the Medical Examiner, was thought to be heavily involved in those decisions.

Should the former candy man of Munkatch be a suspect in these abductions?

And why is he driving the streets of Brooklyn wearing a Shomrim vest and driving an official looking vehicle with a public address system?

That’s a question Borough Park’s Shomrim still need to answer.

Update 8:00 pm CDT – I received this in an eamil earlier today from a reader who wants to remain anonymous:

Friedman was the photographer at my sisters wedding some 12+ years go. He gave me a ride to the park house hotel but first stopped off at his studio to show me some photo tricks that i had expressed interest in on the way. It only took me a few minutes to realize that what he really wanted to do was play with my crotch. He kept moving his hand onto my lap and i kept moving away. BH he didn’t manage to do anything that night but i did report it to the police.



yoeli feketer and jacob daskal said… 04, 2012 AT 04:08 AM

P. Shitty said…

I know Mr. Friedman and would not be surprised if the aligations are trueMAY 14, 2012 AT 09:36 PM

Mike Powers said…

Since we know nothing about Aron’s background and the frum world refuses to divulge any data, maybe he too was a Shomrim , or misaskim , or chaverim member ?
We should demand full disclosure as to who this guy is and his place in the community !AUGUST 01, 2011 AT 11:58 AM

eli gelbwacs said…

Why dont you report about the molester on lakewood hatzolah?
JULY 31, 2011 AT 05:40 AM

meridian said…

Pbs frontline .org has 2 excellent video essays on the damage that a secretive sectarian sect can do on a community.failure to report to authorities can lead to serial rape of children as had happened in the village of stmichael alaskain that case nearly 300 hundred children.JULY 30, 2011 AT 12:18 PM

Truthmatters said…

OMG…This is so sad! I am so dumbfounded and feel terribly sorry for the community in which the victims have no way of calling for help.I was abused & molested as a child and raped as a teen. couldn’t tell anyone. kept it bottled up. It ruined my entire perception of love and faith. Anger was all I knew. didn’t trust anyone.It has taken me. It is worse than death to live with that kind of fear,hate and low self esteem. Please people! You must find the courage and support one another to fight this travesty and find justice. I know its hard but as a community we owe it to the children. these are the future generations and they will grow up without any love in their hearts as well…the Cycle of abuse will never end. You must stand up for their rights since they cannot do it on their own. one person at a time will make a difference. Call the FBI send letters to your local reps, papers…even if it is anonymously. Call the NYPD Abuse Hotline..and keep calling till someone pays attention. this has got to stop!!!!!JULY 29, 2011 AT 10:42 PM

Report the Criminals said…


I’m sure you mean well but you’re offering bad advice.

The local precincts refer sex crimes to the NYPD Sex Crimes Division, not the other way around.

Even though this case may be outside the statute of limitations the Sex Crimes Division will open a file and investigate if they deem it appropriate.

A report to the 66 is ill advised. As is a report to Hikind.

Report, not for revenge, but to protect other children.JULY 29, 2011 AT 08:15 PM

Morris the Katz said…

I don’t think there are more molesters in the frum community than elsewhere. In fact, I strongly believe there are fewer.

The problem is that these guys generally don’t get caught, so they end up committing more crimes than the average molester who’ll get caught pretty quickly because his victims go to the cops rather than their rabbis.JULY 29, 2011 AT 06:10 PM

jancsipista said…

seymour- thats a good point but i keep hearing different names of molesters all the time i never imagined there are so many so the answer must be maybee there are more molesters among the hassidim.JULY 29, 2011 AT 05:42 PM

seymour said…

Posted by: jancsipista | July 29, 2011 at 02:29 PM

sorry that happened to you but I do not think there are more molesters. However, the few molesters are molesting much more kids than in a secular society. In a secular they report and the stigma of being molested is either a none issue or a minuscule one. Therefore police are notified

However, a frum molester can molest a much greater number of children before someone will report him or her if that happens at all.

therefore even if the percentage of pedophiles are the same as in a secular society the number of victim will be much greater in the frum society for the same number of perpetrators

in addition lets assume a person has a low feeling or want of pedophilia they will or might control themselves in a secular society since they will say what if a get caught. that barrier does not exist in the frum society.

And if the guy is one because of power again in a frum society the power of the perpetrator is that much greater, giving the perpetrator more incentive to molest.

It all boils down too one simple fact

The frum do not report do not punish the perpetrator. If they would I am sure the number of victims will decrease drastically 
JULY 29, 2011 AT 05:36 PM

seymour said…

I’m not looking to create a buz or to bury this jerk. I want to give his name to someone that may be looking to verify other alegations against him. The jerk was single at the time…..Although I may still be scarred, I moved on and I’m looking for revenge, I only want to prevent others from going through this (if he is still a threat)

Posted by: VICTIM | July 29, 2011 at 11:05 AM

report that is the only way to prevent from happing to others

It is a simple solution, the other solution have proven not to work and as matter of fact give more power to the molesterJULY 29, 2011 AT 05:21 PM

NONE said…


jancsipista said…

can anyone please tell me what is it about the hassidim that there are so many molestations in their midst, i myself over 50 years ago as i wrote here a few times was molested by non other then our town shoihet and moel at the age of 10 in the mikva he was 60 years old the shoihet when tisha baav came he was crying screaming his heart he wore shtreimel this was in a communist coutry what is about the is their lifestyle or is it that they go mental since they are so restricted in everything they do so if they see someone vulnarable they do their monstreous behavior can anyone exlain it to me.JULY 29, 2011 AT 03:29 PM

median said…

do not be afraid or intimidated report all child abuse to the local authorities immediately.the pedophiles weapon is secrecy.JULY 29, 2011 AT 12:37 PM

Sara said…

Shimmy – good for you for speaking up. Hope it helped your healing.JULY 29, 2011 AT 12:33 PM

Shmarya said…

The only way to stop this guy is to call police.

It is not revenge.

You’re saving other children.JULY 29, 2011 AT 12:27 PM

VICTIM said…

Sorry I meant to write I’m NOT looking for revenge.JULY 29, 2011 AT 12:14 PM

VICTIM said…


I’m not looking to create a buz or to bury this jerk. I want to give his name to someone that may be looking to verify other alegations against him. The jerk was single at the time…..Although I may still be scarred, I moved on and I’m looking for revenge, I only want to prevent others from going through this (if he is still a threat)JULY 29, 2011 AT 12:05 PM

Shmarya said…

Any point in contacting Dov Hikinds office about a verified molestation? It is way beyond the statute of limitations. I am not looking to get this guy in trouble. I only want to make sure he’s not harming others.

Posted by: VICTIM | July 29, 2011 at 10:16 AM


Hikind will not do anything.

Call police. Tell them your story.

When you’re done with that, send me the details and I will send the information to activists.JULY 29, 2011 AT 11:43 AM

adams said…

its worth a try. Not sure about Hikind, but he acts all concerned. we need to have a climate where this is reported. when it happened to me as a 6 yo kid, you dont process that this is wrong.

If only to prevent one more abuse then report it.JULY 29, 2011 AT 11:24 AM

VICTIM said…

Any point in contacting Dov Hikinds office about a verified molestation? It is way beyond the statute of limitations. I am not looking to get this guy in trouble. I only want to make sure he’s not harming others.JULY 29, 2011 AT 11:16 AM

joeyd said…

Finally. Ive heard about a scumbag form the shomrim abducted a girl 2 yrs and will come to justiceJULY 29, 2011 AT 11:07 AM

Morris the Katz said…

I clicked the link on your blog, and the first thing I read was that you labeled Family Court Ronald E. Richter a “Nazi.” I don’t know the first thing about Judge Richter but I’ll bet one of my nine lives against a can of Fancy Feast (yechh!) that Judge Richter isn’t a Nazi.

You, however, are a jerk.JULY 29, 2011 AT 11:03 AM

CALA NY said…

Shmarya, I told you I have information on the 4 year old/14 year old case.JULY 29, 2011 AT 10:41 AM

yudel said…

Yes indeed and I used to get calls in the middle of night to take care of families or kids who were victims of incest and rape. When i asked how old they were and clearly they were minors and said i would see them and report them i was told don’t worry. Dass Torah has stated that this okay and it is okay not to report. I said no and they hung up.

The rest of the story you fill in the blanks cause i did not stop.JULY 29, 2011 AT 10:24 AM

Morris the Katz said…

Wrong, “Report the Criminals.”

Shimmy implied the crime is past the statute of limitations. What do you think the Sex Crimes unit would do with something they can’t prosecute? They’d politely tell Shimmy to file a report with the 66, those cops have an ear closer to the ground, and would keep an eye on the photographer and his shop, just in case there are future reports.JULY 29, 2011 AT 08:31 AM


Kidnappings and rapes are not crimes that the rabbis sweep under the rug. Diddling little boys in shul or in the mikvah are the type of crimes that are.

Posted by: Morris the Katz | July 28, 2011 at 10:49 PM

not truw

two girls where abducted and raped and the was covered upJULY 29, 2011 AT 08:25 AM

Shmarya said…

Posted by: J | July 29, 2011 at 06:39 AM


I did not name this person as a pedophile and rapist.

I REPORTED that a well known haredi hotline did several years ago.

The news is that this alleged pedophile is a member of Shomrim and searched for Leiby Kletzky.

Process that.JULY 29, 2011 AT 07:58 AM

adams said…

You are a dope and a low life J. THey told him to report the incident Shimmy posted about. It is not Shimmy’s blog. Why don’t you learn how to read first?JULY 29, 2011 AT 07:53 AM

J said…

what the F … so anybody with a BLOG can just something on someone without any proof whatsoever , and POOF its true

no wonder Journalism is DEAD ….

Mr Failed Messiah , i think you raped a child … or maybe your daughter .. well maybe you don’t have a daughter.. whats the difference… you just raped the DOG,…. now lets put you in jail and get pictures of you and post all overJULY 29, 2011 AT 07:39 AM

Report the Criminals said…

Morris Shimmy and Victim,

The 66th Precinct, or any local police station is not the place to report the abuse to. The abuse should be reported to the sex crimes division directly.

The 66 may call Yanky Mayer or Yanky Daskal. They have good friends there.

Victim, if you’d like to be put directly in contact with advocates who can help you, email Shmarya directly and ask him to refer you to one. He will keep your information confidential if you ask him to. Guaranteed. 
JULY 29, 2011 AT 06:30 AM

Morris the Katz said…

Shimmy, tomorrow, you report this to the 66 Precinct which serves your area.

If this happened more than 5 years ago, and you’re older than 23, report it anyway. The cops can’t prosecute, but they keep your story on file and if there are other reports, this fellow will at the top of their list. If this happened more than 5 years ago, and you’re younger than 23, the cops will check out your story and question this guy.

For obvious reasons keep Shomrim out of the loop. I don’t believe child molestation is any worse in Boro Park than anywhere else in the city but you’ve got to report these things to the authorities, not the rebbe.JULY 29, 2011 AT 03:42 AM

Shmarya said…

What is the significance of age 23?

Posted by: David | July 29, 2011 at 12:50 AM

The statute of limitations expires 5 years from the victim’s 18th birthday – i.e., at 23-years-old.JULY 29, 2011 AT 01:54 AM

David said…

Do you know anyone who was abused by this man who is under age 23?

What is the significance of age 23?JULY 29, 2011 AT 01:50 AM

VICTIM said…

“Report the Criminals”, who are you and how are you so well versed in this area?JULY 29, 2011 AT 01:46 AM

Report the Criminals said…


It’s good that you spoke up. Unfortunately many victims don’t talk about their abuse and live in pain with their memories.

This abuser is likely still abusing children. The only way to stop him is to alert the authorities.

There is a sex abuse department in the NYPD with investigators who are trained in this field. They are not part of any local precinct and Shomrim does not have any contact with them.

Would you consider making a confidential report to this division? Your name will be kept confidential. The report will allow then to start an investigation and if they determine that he’s abused anyone now still under age 23 they may be able to prosecute.

This may save other kids.JULY 29, 2011 AT 01:11 AM

shimmy said…

No I don’t. I never annouced this in public. Today was the first time I ever did. I moved on in life BH. I was a real victim. Still can’t leave my memories behid.JULY 29, 2011 AT 12:48 AM

Report the Criminals said…


Your story is terrible. I’m assuming you’re over age 23. Do you know anyone who was abused by this man who is under age 23?
JULY 29, 2011 AT 12:40 AM

VICTIM said…

Ironically, these police wannabees are the ones that have the “list” of possible molesters. So the shomrim are protecting their own. Figures. Two of the names mentioned here are 100% true. Ask me how I know…… 🙁JULY 29, 2011 AT 12:34 AM

emmylou said…

Hey Shimmy, I am so sorry. Shomrim sucks big time.JULY 29, 2011 AT 12:15 AM

shimmy said…

When I was a kid I was moleted several times by another shomrim member: Avrumy weiss the owner from weiss bakery on 13ave in bp. He took me up to his office in top of his store and did his dirty work there. (I think his also munkatch). I’ve since met another few who where his victims. I now live around the corner and I can’t get myself to pass that store, it brings back terrible memory.. Crying outlet. Shomrim member molester #3.JULY 29, 2011 AT 12:11 AM

Bas Melech said…

Why is anybody surprised? Think of the frum community as a click. or chevra. The Rabbis and wealthy askanim are on top, then the Rabbi teachers in the schools, professionals (doctors, social workers), shomrim, hatzolah, and then everybody else. This pecking order isn’t exact, but it is a general idea.
The rabbi advisers run the schools and organizations in the frum community.`

So, why is anybody surprised that a molester is a member of Shomrim?JULY 28, 2011 AT 11:51 PM

Morris the Katz said…

Is anyone in the community accusing Friedman of these “unsolved” kidnappings and rapes?

According to the articles I just read, the perp in each case drove a black car. I’m sure the cops can, and certainly already have, checked the ownership of all the black cars in Boro Park, and probably compared them with the vehicles Friedman owned or leased at the time.

I’m sure the cops were also able to get some kind of description of the perp from at least the older of the two victims. If it matches Friedman’s description, they should question him.

Kidnappings and rapes are not crimes that the rabbis sweep under the rug. Diddling little boys in shul or in the mikvah are the type of crimes that are.JULY 28, 2011 AT 11:49 PM

phony messiah said…

We did a check on shmaryahu and he also came up clean. I guess that means nothing. I better report him. I may of heard something about him. I’m not sure if it was him but it might be. OK I have to call in order to play it safe & to protect the community .JULY 28, 2011 AT 11:44 PM

Dovid From Brklyn said…

The head Co-ordinator of Shomrim BP Moshe Reichberg moleseted a friend of mine a few times when he was a 13 yrd old bochur- and he told me there are more victims out there – shame shame shame. and he is the head of shomrim or even a shomrim member.JULY 28, 2011 AT 11:42 PM

emmylou said…

Shprinzah Chanah Boro Parkiana… well said!JULY 28, 2011 AT 10:56 PM

adams said…

Pedophilia is rampant so the focus is on it now more perhaps. In years past, people didn’t say anything, now they are more open to at least reporting these atrociaties. in the past we suffered in silence. i recall being accosted in a Lubavich Yeshiva by some Russian immigrant and was aghast the next day seeing him get such an honorable and pomp and cirumstance Aliyah. But it never occured to me then to speak out.JULY 28, 2011 AT 10:26 PM

Shprinzah Chanah Boro Parkiana said…

This article is troubling on a very deep level. There is too much of “wink and a nod” and too little due process. Justice is compromised by relationships. The rabbis need to be held accountable for allowing these types of situations to perpetuate in their community. It’s not only wrong that this man may have committed these heinous acts and walks around with the full faith of the community. It is also wrong that these accusations remain in the air instead of either being investigated, charges brought or the man being cleared. Who in their right mind would want to be part of a community where pedophiles are protected and families pressure victims to drop charges to protect their narrow pathetic interests and false reputations?JULY 28, 2011 AT 10:05 PM


maybe they are using the logic

it takes a thief to catch a thiefJULY 28, 2011 AT 10:01 PM

jancsipista said…

Common Sense- i keep saying the same thing writing here how a human being can be tottaly brainwashed hypnotized by stupidity its beyond belief.JULY 28, 2011 AT 09:11 PM

jancsipista said…

as the day goes by things get weirder weirder bizarre turns into very bizarre oy vey iz mir.JULY 28, 2011 AT 09:08 PM

Common Sense said…

The capacity that the brain has for being completely brainwashed is mind boggling! I don’t have any other way to explain the mindset and behavior of those in the Hassidic sects.JULY 28, 2011 AT 09:06 PM

shish said…

Perhaps one of your readers can stroll into Friedman’s Photography, snap a photo of David Shea Friedman, and post it on this blog?JULY 28, 2011 AT 09:00 PM

yitchok said…

a well known pigJULY 28, 2011 AT 08:59 PM

emmylou said…

Wow. Just wow. There are no words. Except for….

What the hell is the matter with these people?!?!?JULY 28, 2011 AT 08:56 PM

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Shomrim Are Liars

Published Wednesday, August 8, 2012Shomrim Don’t Want Police To See Security Video In Leiby’s Area, Patrol Wants To Keep Some Crimes QuietBy Josh Nathan-KazisKeep Lid on Crime? Leaders of the Orthodox Shomrim patrol do not want police to have access to security video in Brooklyn’s Boro Park neighborhood. They fear authorities may prosecute domestic crimes the community would rather keep quiet.Publicly funded security cameras planned for Brooklyn’s heavily Orthodox Boro Park neighborhood should not be directly accessible to the police, said the leader of the community’s influential volunteer security patrol, because this would make it harder to keep certain crimes within the community.Jacob Daskal, coordinator of the Boro Park Shomrim, said that a centralized system linked to the police would make it too easy for them to make arrests in domestic violence cases.“The camera is very good for the community, but if it’s a private thing,” Daskal said. “If it’s a public thing it might hurt a person who doesn’t want to arrest her husband for domestic violence.”  [Read “The rabbis won’t be able to force the wife back to her abusing husband”. NR]Daskal was referring to a hypothetical situation in which a wife sought to protect her husband by telling police that a reported domestic violence incident had not actually occurred. If a centralized system of cameras easily accessible to the police existed and the incident were recorded, police would arrest the husband regardless of his spouse’s wish. On the other hand, police would need a court order to obtain tape from a camera under private control, and an abusive husband could be kept out of jail if the police failed to pursue the case to that step.  [Again, The rabbis won’t be able to force her to deny he ever beat her if there was a video. Then again,how would there be a video, if he beat her at home? Let the Mikvah Ladie call be mandated to call police, is she sees a woman has signs of a beating on her body. NR]Backers of the video surveillance system, named for Leiby Kletzky, the 8-year-old Orthodox boy murdered a year ago in Boro Park, say it will provide blanket surveillance of Boro Park and Midwood, another Orthodox Brooklyn neighborhood.New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind announced the $1 million state-funded initiative in May. Only one of the planned 150 cameras has been installed so far. Officials said at the time that the system would be fully installed by November.A spokesman for Hikind said that the assemblyman would not be interviewed for this story.Daskal, whose Shomrim organization is often the first group called by Orthodox crime victims in Boro Park, is not opposed to the notion of more cameras in the neighborhood. But instead of Hikind’s centralized, police-accessible system, Daskal said he preferred an arrangement by which individual yeshivas would receive state funding for their own private security cameras to monitor the streets.“I am trying to change the system [so] that it shouldn’t go to [a] central thing,” Daskal told the Forward.It’s unclear whether Daskal is having any success in pushing his reforms to the surveillance system. A Hikind spokesman said that Hikind would speak publicly about the program once it “rolls out.” He gave no indication as to when that would happen.Private security cameras played a key role in the search for Leiby. The murdered boy’s alleged killer, Levi Aron, was eventually found after security footage of Leiby pointed police to the suspect.  [And it took that long, because Shomrim would not look at the cameras, and Yanky German, had to follow up on his own, and that  led to solving the case. Had Shomrim – or the Police looked at cameras, Leiby might still be alive today. NR]The Shomrim’s role in the search for Leiby was controversial. The group launched a massive hunt for the boy, combing the neighborhood and distributing fliers, after family members contacted it. But the Shomrim were criticized for waiting almost three hours after being alerted to Leiby’s disappearance before contacting the police. Questions were also raised about whether the group had been warned earlier about Aron, and whether it knew of other alleged molesters whose names it had not shared with the police.Daskal defended his organization’s actions during the search for Leiby. He said that though the Shomrim generally rely on witnesses and complainants to contact the police, in this case they called the police themselves after they realized that Leiby’s father hadn’t done so.Daskal also said that some of the breaks in the case had come through the work of Shomrim volunteers rather than through the police. Still, he admitted that there were lessons for the Shomrim in Leiby’s murder. A year ago, Shomrim searchers were content to return the next morning to check surveillance cameras in closed stores. If a similar situation were to happen again, they wouldn’t wait. “We learned that you have to be aggressive,” Daskal said.  [Liars; It was Yanky German ‑ not Shomrim ‑ that checked the cameras. Shame on Shomrim. And BTW, A known molester made the rounds of Boro Park the whole night in his SUV, calling out leiby’s name. NR]

Heroes | Restoring Faith in Humanity | 2017

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