December 3, 2014BUILDING MORE TRUST BETWEEN THE POLICE AND THE COMMUNITIESThe recent verdicts of the  Ferguson and Garner jury have bought turmoil to our great nation,While we must respect the law and the findings of the grand  juries  one thing is clear. Policing in the United States needs a major overhaul. Young men of color as well young people of all races face  danger when confronted by police officers while driving, walking  or just hanging out.,  Urgent reforms are needed now to ensure the process  of fair justice and to protect the lives of innocent  persons, and to ensure that police officers deal with fairness in their actions need For ReformsWe need changes that  provide ongoing anti-bias and increase funding which will provide  for continued training on a continuing basis and on an annual basis, at the same time.. Texas has used such a system over the past decade to develop personnel expertise while satisfying the interests of specialized interest groups and legislated training mandates. Chiefs, academy directors, and POST commissions can and should provide recommendations regarding line personnel training issues as well as a supervisory curriculum that reflects a step-by-step, progressive education program. There has been considerable discussion in several states regarding “cafeteria”-style training programs. Such programs offer both mandated training topics as well as discretionary training preferences within defined timelines. Both limit impact on staffing and agency training costs. Such a system could provide the framework in which special interest, legislated, and profession-preferred training programs would be limited without adversely affecting basic training academy timelines.
Restoring ConfidenceThe police and all officers of the justice system must continue rebuilding the trust in our communities thru more outreach and community partnerships which are the key to rebuilding that trust. Issues of proper policing is not a minority problem it is a problem for all of all our diverse communities.
Healing let  us begin the process of healing by ensuring that our  police and our communities continue to work together to make our city a better and safer place for all of us 

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