District Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein Got It Right when he sentenced Platinum founder Murray Huberfeld to 30 months and $19M.

District Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein Got It Right, Those Who Think Otherwise Are Missing the Point

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Murray Huberfeld in November 2017 outside federal court in lower Manhattan. Photo Credit: Charles Eckert

Dear Reader:

We believe, in no uncertain terms, that District Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein, got it very right to the extent of his available sentencing capacity when he sentenced Platinum founder Murray Huberfeld to 30 months and $19M.

Judge Hellerstein understood the magnitude of the crime that Huberfeld perpetrated on the COBA members. He was clearly aligned with he notion that you cannot punish the bribed without punishing the person or people who orchestrated the scheme underlying that bribe. And Platinum Partners in all its glory was a scheme. Hellerstein recognized that Huberfeld’s “conduct was not only corrupt and criminal, but led to the loss of millions of dollars of union retirement benefits,” Manhattan U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman said.

According to the article in the Daily News “

Prosecutors considered Huberfeld, who was the briber, less culpable than Seabrook, the bribe-taker. Assistant U.S. Attorney Martin Bell noted that Seabrook had deceived the correction officers he represented.

“(Huberfeld) didn’t know the correction officers. They didn’t know him. He had no responsibility to them,” Bell said.

Huberfeld attorney Henry Mazurek insisted that his client had not known that Platinum was doomed at the time he paid the bribe. Rather, Huberfeld had sought out COBA — using crooked Mayor de Blasio donor Jona Rechnitz as an intermediary — to boost his own status within the hedge fund.

For Assistant US Attorney, Martin Bell, to agree with Huberfeld’s attorneys is ridiculous. With all due respect it shows a fundamental lack of understanding of our financial system, a lack of clarity with regard to Huberfeld’s long history of trampling on our legal and financial system and a lack of disregard for the victims of Platinum’s fraud. US Attorney Martin Bell should be celebrating the work he did that led to Judge Hellerstein’s rulings, rather than giving impetus for a litany of appeals on the part of Marty Huberfeld. 

We applaud Judge Hellerstein’s comments with regard both to Huberfeld’s attorneys’ statements and if in agreement the statements of Bell when, as the Daily News states:

But Hellerstein called that argument “nonsense.” He held Seabrook, Rechnitz and Huberfeld jointly liable for the loss of the investment.

Hellerstein’s assessment of the absurdity of this argument speaks volumes.

Under legal regulatory guidelines a person who pedals an investment has a fiduciary duty to the investor, whether they know that investor or not. For a contrary argument to have even been raised highlights a lack of understanding of the SEC and the protections put in place to safeguard investments.

Were COBA to have been an ERISA fund, the fiduciary duty would have been greater. These were the livelihoods of people at stake, their futures and those of their children and grandchildren we placed at risk. And Murray Huberfeld knew it the moment he solicited the investment and bribed Norman Seabrook to transfer funds. The COBA investments and the fiduciary duty of Platinum’s partners and Norman Seabrook are the very foundation of investment policy. And they are no less legally bound.

The bribery and fraud underlying the loss of those investments was criminal. It lacked moral boundaries, put the foundation of the US financial system at risk and raises questions regarding the safeguards in place for investors.

Assistant US Attorney Martin Bell’s comments, if not taken out of context in the various new articles, increases the magnitude of the risks that Huberfeld and those like him pose to investors, if appropriate punishments are not levied.

LI hedge fund founder gets 30 months in prison in bribery case

A hedge fund founder from Lawrence who was part of a scheme to bribe the leader of New York City’s correction officers union to invest $20 million in his firm was sentenced to 30 months in prison Tuesday, officials said. His attorney vowed to appeal the term.

Murray Huberfeld, 57, who founded Platinum Partners hedge fund, was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein in connection with the transfer of $60,000 that prosecutors said was used to bribe Norman Seabrook, the former president of the Correction Officers Benevolent Association, to invest tens of millions in Platinum.

In all, the union lost $19 million of its $20 million investment with Platinum. As much as $15 million was from a retirement benefits program funded by the City of New York that invests money for correction officers’ retirements.

Huberfeld pleaded guilty in May to wire fraud conspiracy. Specifically, he pleaded to conspiring with Jona Rechnitz, a real estate businessman and star government witness in several federal corruption trials, to cause Huberfeld’s hedge fund to pay $60,000 to Rechnitz’s company by falsely representing that the money was payment for courtside tickets to eight New York Knicks basketball games.

Prosecutors said that money was really intended for Seabrook, a payment for making the investment of the union’s funds. Rechnitz had testified in Seabrook’s trial that he delivered $60,000 in cash to Seabrook in a Salvatore Ferragamo bag in 2014 after the union’s funds were invested with Platinum.

“Not content with being a successful businessman, Murray Huberfeld sought to grow his fund through fraud and deception, playing a critical role in a pernicious kickback scheme,” said Manhattan U.S. Attorney Geoffrey S. Berman in a statement. “His conduct was not only corrupt and criminal, but led to the loss of millions of dollars of union retirement benefits. The sentence imposed today reflects the magnitude of his crimes and untold pain his conduct caused to others.”

Gabi Grecko sticky tapes her nipples on Instagram | ABS US DAILY NEWS

Gabi Grecko sticky tapes her nipples on Instagram  | ABS US  DAILY NEWS★More ABS NEWS – Entertainment Video►► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqlixRJs2CwjLGph-a8gQYw?sub_confirmation=1

She previously worked as a prostitute and stripped down completely naked for magazines like Penthouse and Sneaky. So it was hardly a surprise to see Gabi Grecko posing topless on Instagram over the weekend.To protect her modesty, the 28-year-old strategically placed her hand over her bulging assets, before going one step further by placing sticky tape over her nipples.The scantily-clad star later posed in a racy, Gucci-themed ensemble that she partially designed herself. Share this article Share Gabi is currently in the process of converting to Judaism so she can renew her vows with husband Geoffrey Edelsten, 75, in a Jewish synagogue. The couple first wed in an Asian registry office in Melbourne back in 2015. Geoffrey is currently recovering from an operation and Gabi is still based in New York, so the pair have yet to see each other in person since reconciling.To keep their long-distance love alive, Gabi admitted to Sydney Morning Herald that they’ve been ‘sexting’ each other. Geoffrey, who is a medical entrepreneur, has also been receiving help in the love department by taking a new erectile dysfunction tablet that he developed.Meanwhile, Gabi is currently focused on her burgeoning rap career after debuting her hip-hop alter-ego Glitta Fox last year.The rapper has already released two singles, Glitta Foxx Lean and See Me Madd. In 2016, Gabi hit the headlines after she claimed she was paid to accompany two NYPD officers at the center of a corruption probe on a lavish alcohol and sex romp to Las Vegas in 2013.The busty socialite told the New York Post that she was paid to join the since-fired Deputy Inspector James Grant and Detective Michael Milici on a private jet to Sin City.She said she was recruited by New York businessman and Bill de Blasio campaign donor Jeremy Reichberg, recalling how she performed sexual favors for the officers during the flight.Gabi famously met Geoffrey on a sugar daddy website when she was 25.

BSSP Boro Park Shomrim Coordinators Duke It Out Over Airways; allegedly encourage spousal abuse!

Allegedly, there is a long-standing animosity between BSSP Boro Park Shomrim Coordinators Mark “Motti” Katz Unit-18 and Jacob “Yanky” Daskal Unit-05. One evening, BSSP Boro Park Shomrim were searching for an alleged suspect. During this search the two senior coordinators found it the apt time to duke out their personal differences, and did so over the BSSP Boro Park Shomrim walkie talkie airways.

As you can hear in this youtube clip, Jacob Daskal couldn’t contain himself any longer, and lashed out at his colleague Mark Katz over the air. This was during a supposedly important search.

Daskal made fun of Katz’s speech impediment by imitating his stuttering, and Katz responded by telling Daskal that if he feels the need to yell he ought to yell at his wife.

Mark Katz also serves as president of the NYPD’s 66th Precinct Council. We find it absolutely outrageous that a Shomrim coordinator with close ties to the NYPD would encourage a colleague to vent his frustration on his wife. Does Katz view women as receptacles for verbal abuse from men? Is that whom the NYPD’s 66th Precinct associates with?

David Flores acquitted of attempted murder charge in brawl with Shomrim neighborhood patrol volunteers


David Flores acquitted of attempted murder charge in brawl with Shomrim neighborhood patrol volunteers 
David Flores, 36, (right) who was charged with attempted murder of Brooklyn Shomrim volunteers in September 2010 during a wild melee in Borough Park. (Jesse Ward/Jesse Ward for New York Daily Ne)

A Brooklyn man who wounded four members of a Jewish patrol group was cleared of nearly all charges Wednesday by jurors who placed much of the blame for the 2010 mayhem on the Shomrim volunteers.

David Flores, 37 was acquitted of 15 charges, including attempted murder and assault, and convicted of only possessing a gun. He fired that weapon in a Borough Park street after his car was boxed in by locals, who were convinced he had just gratified himself in front of children.

“The Shomrim can’t decide if they’re going to be judge, jury and executioner in the middle of the street,” said juror Niccole Person of Bed-Stuy, after the verdict was handed down in Brooklyn Supreme Court.

“They’re not cops,” said another juror, Marco Wylie.PAID POST What Is This?

Prosecutors alleged during the five-week trial that the Shomrim were following Flores, believing he committed the same disgusting act a week earlier. Only when he pulled a gun did they jump him, the prosecution argued, leaving him badly bruised and with a self-inflicted gunshot to the arm.

Abe Kaztow, Abraham Brauner, Joel Klein and Motty Perl were all shot.

“Call the police,” a groggy Flores told medics who treated him even though cops were at the scene at that point.

“Instead of calling the police, somebody made the mistake of calling the Shomrim,” defense lawyer Douglas Appel said.

Borough Park Shomrim coordinator Jacob Daskal said after the verdict, “Nobody did anything wrong. Nobody even touched him, just followed him – that’s the protocol.”

He added that he accepts the jury’s decision.

“It’s beyond comprehension,” said Assemblyman Dov Hikind. “Four unarmed people shot and hospitalized. How was this sick individual not found guilty? How could the DA possible lose this case? Now Flores is out and capable of creating more mayhem? This is our justice system upside down. It’s insane!”

The unarmed patrol volunteers act as the “eyes and ears of the police,” where many of the Orthodox Jewish locals often call them first in an emergency.

Flores is still facing between five to 15 years to prison when he’s sentenced next month. He already spent over three years locked up awaiting trial.

The defendant trembled as the forewoman repeatedly announced “not guilty” while his relatives wept in the gallery.

“It was so exciting, so beautiful,” said his mother Elia Miranda, 58. “I knew from the beginning he’s innocent.”

His brother Dennis Flores, 38, acknowledged that his sibling should not have carried a gun but added that “they probably could have lynched him” without it.

Jurors hugged Flores’s relieved relatives as they left court, and insisted they have no animus towards the Orthodox Jewish community or their local security groups.

“Community patrol is a wonderful thing,” Person said. “However, it doesn’t give them the right to do the job of the police.”

Another juror, Steve McAllister, 57, of Midwood, said that much of the police reports didn’t match witness testimony, leaving reasonable doubt in the panel’s minds even about the public lewdness charge that precipitated the incident.

“Odds are he may not have acted in self-defense but we didn’t have enough proof to convict him,” he said. “There’s a chance that people (in the Shomrim) got carried away.”

McAllister added that he sometimes comes across the local community patrol in his neighborhood and views them as a positive.

“It can show the Shomrim in a bad light,” he said of the verdict. “That’s the one thing I feel bad about.”


De Blasio donor allegedly got an NYPD sergeant to chauffeur a nurse he was wooing

De Blasio donor allegedly got an NYPD sergeant to chauffeur a nurse he was wooing

By Priscilla DeGregory and Laura Italiano

December 12, 2018 | 10:59pm | UpdatedModal Trigger

Jeremy Reichberg walks out of Manhattan Federal Court.

Jeremy ReichbergErik Thomas



Bill Bratton may be called to testify in NYPD corruption trial

De Blasio donor on trial for corruption mocked TSA agents for believing he was a cop

De Blasio donor: There were ‘hookers everywhere’

Emails between De Blasio, corrupt donor shows extent of bromance

Lots of guys have a wingman — but when married mayoral donor Jeremy Reichberg tried to impress a lady, he had NYPD brass and a police chauffeur at his beck and call, according to court testimony Wednesday.

In 2014, Reichberg got a sergeant to drive her to and from a nail salon on Church Street in Brooklyn, Mt. Sinai-based registered nurse Tara Sheils told jurors at the NYPD bribery trial in federal court in Manhattan.

“I wanted to get a manicure and pedicure,” the flame-haired nurse told jurors, testifying for the prosecution against ex-NYPD Deputy Inspector James Grant, who allegedly pocketed bribes from Reichberg and Jona Rechnitz, a fellow donor to Mayor Bill de Blasio.

“He walked me in and said, ‘Take care of her,’ and told me to call when I was done and he would pick me up,” at the salon, Sheils said of her personal police driver, whom she remembered only as “Sgt. Adriano.”

The nurse first met Reichberg when he was hospitalized for emergency gallbladder surgery — during which time an NYPD officer guarded Reichberg’s hospital door, an honor normally reserved for injured cops.

Reichberg and Sheils’ relationship was first revealed in November.

Sheils didn’t ‘fess up to an actual affair with Reichberg. But when Assistant US Attorney Kimberly Ravener asked, “Did your relationship turn flirtatious?,” she answered, “Yes.”

As part of his flirtations, Reichberg arranged for Sheils to enjoy an NYPD promotion ceremony at police headquarters, where she was given a personal tour and then invited into the offices of convicted ex-NYPD Deputy Chief Michael Harrington and ex-Chief of Department Philip Banks. Reichberg had already given her Harrington’s cellphone number — with instructions to call if she needed anything, she testified.

Harrington has been sentenced to two years’ probation in the corruption probe.

The prosecution case is expected to conclude Thursday. Closing arguments could begin Monday or Tuesday.FILED UNDERBILL DE BLASIOJEREMY REICHBERGNYPD CORRUPTION



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