Gabi Grecko sticky tapes her nipples on Instagram | ABS US DAILY NEWS

Gabi Grecko sticky tapes her nipples on Instagram  | ABS US  DAILY NEWS

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She previously worked as a prostitute and stripped down completely naked for magazines like Penthouse and Sneaky. So it was hardly a surprise to see Gabi Grecko posing topless on Instagram over the weekend.To protect her modesty, the 28-year-old strategically placed her hand over her bulging assets, before going one step further by placing sticky tape over her nipples.The scantily-clad star later posed in a racy, Gucci-themed ensemble that she partially designed herself. Share this article Share Gabi is currently in the process of converting to Judaism so she can renew her vows with husband Geoffrey Edelsten, 75, in a Jewish synagogue. The couple first wed in an Asian registry office in Melbourne back in 2015. Geoffrey is currently recovering from an operation and Gabi is still based in New York, so the pair have yet to see each other in person since reconciling.To keep their long-distance love alive, Gabi admitted to Sydney Morning Herald that they’ve been ‘sexting’ each other. Geoffrey, who is a medical entrepreneur, has also been receiving help in the love department by taking a new erectile dysfunction tablet that he developed.Meanwhile, Gabi is currently focused on her burgeoning rap career after debuting her hip-hop alter-ego Glitta Fox last year.The rapper has already released two singles, Glitta Foxx Lean and See Me Madd. In 2016, Gabi hit the headlines after she claimed she was paid to accompany two NYPD officers at the center of a corruption probe on a lavish alcohol and sex romp to Las Vegas in 2013.The busty socialite told the New York Post that she was paid to join the since-fired Deputy Inspector James Grant and Detective Michael Milici on a private jet to Sin City.She said she was recruited by New York businessman and Bill de Blasio campaign donor Jeremy Reichberg, recalling how she performed sexual favors for the officers during the flight.Gabi famously met Geoffrey on a sugar daddy website when she was 25.

High-ranking NYPD Cops Charged With Corruption

High-ranking NYPD Cops Charged With Corruption

(20 Jun 2016) Charges brought against four men arrested Monday in a widening city corruption probe include lurid claims that a top police official roomed with a prostitute during a Las Vegas trip as businessmen spent over $100,000 to ensure unformed officers were available as their private security force.
Two high-ranking New York Police Department officials and a police sergeant who oversaw gun license applications were among the latest arrests in a case that has cast a cloud over the nation’s largest municipal police force.
Deputy Chief Michael Harrington, Deputy Inspector James Grant and a third defendant, Brooklyn businessman Jeremy Reichberg, were charged with conspiracy to commit honest services wire fraud — the latest development in a series of overlapping public corruption investigations coordinated by U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara. David Villanueva, an NYPD sergeant assigned to the gun license bureau, was arrested on charges of conspiring to commit bribery.
In announcing the arrests, U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said Reichberg exchanged bribes for “cops on call.”
Harrington was second in command at police headquarters in an office responsible for all uniformed operations.
The complaint said Harrington and an unidentified police chief let a businessman buy dinner once or twice a week for 18 months at expensive Manhattan restaurants, where bills ran $400 to $500.
Andrew Weinstein, Harrington’s lawyer, said the charges against his client were politically motivated.
Among favors was $59,000 spent on a private jet in February 2013 that took Reichberg, an unidentified detective and James Grant, commander of an Upper East Side precinct, to Las Vegas, the court papers said. The complaint said Reichberg and another businessman arranged for a prostitute to join the flight and spend the weekend with the group, staying in Grant’s luxury hotel room.
The head of Grant’s union declined to comment. His lawyer didn’t immediately return a message seeking comment.
Reichberg, Harrington and Grant were each charged with conspiracy to commit honest services wire fraud.
The fourth person arrested Monday was David Villanueva, an NYPD sergeant assigned to the department’s gun license bureau. He was charged with conspiracy to commit bribery. Villanueva and a uniformed officer named Richard Ochetal allegedly took money from Alex Lichtenstein in exchange for gun licenses.

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Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes Awards BP Shomrim

Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes Awards BP Shomrim

The Boro Park Shomrim were awarded by District Attorney Charles J. Hynes for their heroic action November 3 2010 “You work for the police and with the police, and you should be commended for that.” Hynes said.
On Sept. 2nd, four shomrim were shot while trying to arrest David Flores, a known criminal and suspected child predator

News 4 New York: “NYPD Arrest Quotas” Promo

News 4 New York: “NYPD Arrest Quotas” Promo

Thursday, March 31st at 6pm on News 4 New York:

These 10 NYPD officers are speaking out – only to the I-Team. In a 2 part exclusive, Sarah Wallace uncovers their explosive accusations. Are there arrest quotas in the New York City Police Department?

If you have a tip for New York’s biggest I-Team, call 866-NEWS-244. Or email
More investigations. More answers.

Shomrim VS NYPD Annual Greenfield Classic Baseball Game

Shomrim VS NYPD Annual Greenfield Classic Baseball Game


On Wednesday night, September 10th, the Borough Park Shomrim faced off against the NYPD’s 66th Precinct at the fifth annual Greenfield Classic community softball game. Both teams played a great game, and the score was close throughout the seven innings. At the end the NYPD pulled through to a victory, defeating the Shomrim players 10 to 7.

Councilman David Greenfield hosts this friendly end-of-summer event each year to say thank you for all the work the Shomrim and 66th Precinct do throughout the year to keep our community safe.

The game took place at the baseball field on 20th Avenue at 53rd and 54th Street in Borough Park. Complimentary hot dogs and snacks were available to all the neighbors that came out to cheer on their favorite team. Brooklyn NYPD Chief Owen Monaghan threw out the first pitch. Councilman Greenfield thanked him and Deputy Inspector Deddo for the outstanding cooperation with the community throughout the year.

“We had a lot of fun at this year’s annual Greenfield Classic. The Shomrim and NYPD played a great game and enjoyed having so many fans in the stands who came out to cheer them on,” said Councilman Greenfield. “My thanks to everyone who pitched in to make this year’s Classic possible.”

The NYPD leads the Shomrim in wins in the Classic series. This is the third game the 66th Precinct won, vs. two wins for Shomrim. Next year Shomrim hopes to tie the series with another win.

FOX: Missing Boy Found Dead. Hikind: Boy Brutally Murdered; Arrest Made

FOX: Missing Boy Found Dead. Hikind: Boy Brutally Murdered; Arrest Made

MYFOXNY.COM – The body of a missing eight-year-old boy from Borough Park, Brooklyn, was found Wednesday in two separate locations, according to the NYPD.

One man was arrested at a house in Kensington. There are unconfirmed reports that as many as three people were taken into custody, reported FOX 5 News reporter John Huddy.

Some of the remains of Leibby Kletzky were discovered in the home in a trash bin, wrapped in a black plastic bag that was inside a suitcase, reported the Associated Press.

More remains were found in a dumpster at 20th Street and 4th Avenue in Greenwood Heights.

FOX 5 News reporter Antwan Lewis reported from the scene as the boy’s body was taken away from the dumpster by investigators just before 7 a.m.

“The nine-year-old boy was brutally murdered. Dumped. What kind of world are we living in,” N.Y. State. Assem. Dov Hikind told Good Day New York.

The suspect may be a member of the tight-knit Jewish community in the Borough Park- area, said N.Y. State Assmeb. Hikind to Good Day New York.

On Wednesday morning, police responded to a tip of a car seen in surveillance video outside the home at Avenue C and East 2nd Street in Kensington.

The surveillance camera footage released Tuesday by the NYPD showed the boy walking up 13th Avenue Monday afternoon. He appears to talk to a man who was driving the gold colored sedan. The video does not show him getting into the car but he was not seen again. He was supposed to meet his mother about six blocks away.

Kletzky was last seen leaving the Boyan Day Camp on 44th Street and 12th Avenue at around 4:50 p.m. Monday.

A community funded reward ballooned on Tuesday afternoon to $125,000 for information leading to the safe return of Kletzky.

As many as 2,000 people took to the streets Monday in search of the boy and the crowds returned on Tuesday to continue the hunt. A command post was set up at 57th Street and 15th Avenue for volunteers searching the area.

Buses loaded with volunteers have come from New Jersey to aid in the search.

“Usually, these things are solved in a few hours,” said Jacob Daskal, a member of the Shomrim volunteer civilian patrol. “It might be an abduction, but we’re still hoping it’s not.”

People in the community describe the boy as obedient and unlikely to talk to strangers.

The The NY State Department of Criminal Justice Services issued a Missing Child Alert after 24 past since his disappearance.