Geoffrey Edelsten, 75, shares video message to Gabi Grecko, 28

Geoffrey Edelsten, 75, shares video message to Gabi Grecko, 28

Geoffrey Edelsten, 75, is gearing up to renew his vows with his much younger wife Gabi Grecko, 28.And on Thursday, the award-winning medical entrepreneur proved romance isn’t dead as he declared his love while dressed in an edgy black leather outfit.In an Instagram video shared by former prostitute Gabi, Geoffrey said: ‘Hi my darling Gabi, there are tides in the affairs of men and women, that is there are success and failures… and we must take the current as it serves.’… So when we have the opportunity we must take it.’ Share this article Share The elderly businessman then removed his leather jacket for dramatic effect.’My darling, open up your eyes and you’ll realise here I stand with my everlasting love – see you soon,’ he finished. Aspiring rapper Gabi, who is currently living in the US, captioned the video: ‘The two G’s.’Melbourne-based Geoffrey told Daily Mail Australia that they are still living in different countries ahead of their nuptials.’I recorded the video yesterday but didn’t know that Gabi would post it,’ he said. Gabi is currently in the process of converting to Judaism so she can renew her vows with much older husband Geoffrey in a Jewish synagogue.The couple first wed in an Asian registry office in Melbourne back in 2015. Geoffrey is currently recovering from an operation and Gabi is still based in New York, so the pair have yet to see each other in person since reconciling.  To keep their long-distance love alive, Gabi admitted to Sydney Morning Herald that they’ve been ‘sexting’ each other. Geoffrey, who is a medical entrepreneur, has also been receiving help in the love department by taking a new erectile dysfunction tablet that he developed.Meanwhile, Gabi is currently focused on her burgeoning rap career after debuting her hip-hop alter-ego Glitta Fox last year.The rapper has already released two singles, Glitta Foxx Lean and See Me Madd. In 2016, Gabi hit the headlines after she claimed she was paid to accompany two NYPD officers at the center of a corruption probe on a lavish alcohol and sex romp to Las Vegas in 2013.The busty socialite told the New York Post that she was paid to join the since-fired Deputy Inspector James Grant and Detective Michael Milici on a private jet to Sin City.She said she was recruited by New York businessman and Bill de Blasio campaign donor Jeremy Reichberg, recalling how she performed sexual favors for the officers during the flight.Gabi famously met Geoffrey on a sugar daddy website when she was 25.

Cell Phone Theft

This woman was just talking on the phone and the biker rode up and grabbed her phone away.

Perp was caught by officers of the 66th Precinct.

Thank you NYPD!

Hate Crime Suspect Michael Setiawan Led Out Of The NYPD 66 PCT

The vicious anti-Semitic graffiti found spray painted in one of the city’s largest Hasidic communities was the work of a former cop, authorities said Sunday.
Michael Setiawan, who quit the NYPD after two years on the job, allegedly went on his hate-fueled rampage in Brooklyn’s Borough Park on Saturday night as his victims were celebrating Sabbath.
He was charged with 19 counts of criminal mischief and aggravated harassment as hate crimes.
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NYPD detectives remove Michael Setiawan from an ambulance at the 66th Precinct in Borough Park, Brooklyn after he was arrested for spray painting anti-Semitic messages on cars an buildings.
Photo: William Miller
Police said he used red spray paint to scrawl, “F— you, Jew,” and “Jews ain’t s— ” on cars, and buildings, including a Jewish school, the Bnos Zion Bobov yeshiva.
Setiawan had worked at the 69th Precinct in Canarsie until he resigned in 2007.
He was busted Sunday morning at his Queens home after cops tracked him down using surveillance videos that showed his face and the license plate of his car.
After spending some nine hours in the 66th Precinct station house in Brooklyn, Setiawan, looking disheveled in a hooded sweatshirt and jeans, was moved to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation.
“Am I going home?” he asked cops who put him in the ambulance.
Asked by a reporter if he’s an anti-Semite, he answered, “No.”
Ex-colleagues of Setiawan said he suffered from depression and had attempted suicide.
His brother, Erik, was a traffic enforcement agent before killing himself in 2011.
Setiawan’s neighbors in Bellerose said he would lie down on their lawns and start bizarre conversations.
“There’s something very wrong with that man,” said livery cab driver Sunil Sharma. “His behavior is incredibly abnormal.
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Michael Setiawan
“He would walk around telling his sob stories to whoever would listen,” Sharma added. “He came to me randomly one afternoon and cried about how his brother committed suicide.”
Another neighbor, Randhir Singh, 36, said neighbors suspected him of the graffiti and of keying cars in the area.
“He’s not well,” Singh said.
“I’ve seen him walking his dog and stop suddenly then he would pretend the punch the sky or he would look like he was swatting flies.”
Assemblyman Dov Hikind, who represents Borough Park, said, “This was not a victimless crime.
“We have many Holocaust survivors here, many elderly people and children who are frightened by unprovoked hate attacks on their schools and community.”
The surveillance video was released yesterday by

News 4 New York: “NYPD Arrest Quotas” Promo

News 4 New York: “NYPD Arrest Quotas” Promo

Thursday, March 31st at 6pm on News 4 New York:

These 10 NYPD officers are speaking out – only to the I-Team. In a 2 part exclusive, Sarah Wallace uncovers their explosive accusations. Are there arrest quotas in the New York City Police Department?

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