Traffic policemen arrested shortly after taking bribe

Three traffic police officers got a rude awakening when they were arrested by EACC officials for collecting bribes. Over 20,000 shillings was recovered from the officers who were manning the Kiogoro traffic check-point along the Kisii- Kilgoris road

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20 Replies to “Traffic policemen arrested shortly after taking bribe”

  1. 0:22 that was a terrible joke or pun. Ugh! Bitch get off and let someone else come in and speak.

  2. Start with the land grabbers Weston hotel. That land is meant for the airport

  3. Why could a policeman loose his job because someone bribed him with 100shs,while the billions of money is in men accounts but they are walking free.I don't support corruption, but Justice should be done to all.This police their salary is very little, they stay on the road,no food ,no water,they live in sharks,they have families they need to take care.Let the government improve their living standard, give them good salary, corruption has been contributed by their desperation.

  4. My question is, if you keep your car in good shape and up to date with all legal requirements then you wouldnt have to bribe.

  5. Would not get this in the U.K unless there was a good officer found that would insist on such officers be investigated and arrested and prosecuted, sad to say.

  6. great …..take all those fckn police gangs to hell… they are the real coz of problems on the roads…. crack down should be on the corrupt police thugs….

  7. Wahahahahahahahahhhahahhahhahahh wanna see their faces again but behind bars.

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