Ex-BPD Cop Joe Crystal Blew The Whistle On Corrupt Police & Paid The Price (Interview w/ Cenk Uygur)

On October 27, 2011, Baltimore police officer Joe Crystal witnessed two fellow cops beating up a drug suspect after the suspect, fleeing from the officers, kicked in the door of a home belonging to another officer’s girlfriend. Faced with the difficult decision of whether to turn in his fellow officers, Crystal felt he had to do the right thing, and reported the officers’ actions to the State’s Attorney’s Office.

As a result, Crystal was labeled a “snitch” and a “rat cop” by many of his fellow officers and subjected to threats and intimidation — including having a dead rat placed on his car’s windshield. Eventually, in 2014 he bowed to the pressure and resigned from the Baltimore PD.

In this exclusive interview, Crystal and The Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur discuss:

– Crystal’s background, and how he grew up always wanting to be a cop.
– Working with an officer who could have been the real-life Pryzbylewski from “The Wire.”
– The consequences of turning in his fellow cops.
– The difficulties he’s faced in finding another job.
– The critical difference between police culture in big cities and small towns.
– Why cops are always inclined to protect one another.
– How cop culture and gang culture are similar.
– Whether community policing is a possible solution to the “us vs. them mentality of urban police forces.
– Why police training is an important part of the problem.
– Why he remains hopeful that policing can be improved.

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16 Replies to “Ex-BPD Cop Joe Crystal Blew The Whistle On Corrupt Police & Paid The Price (Interview w/ Cenk Uygur)”

  1. Cops having good intentions, doesn't mean produce good actions. If you tell police they have to make a certain amount of arrest in order to keep the job. When they're no wrong doing in fear of loosing their job. They've to create something to show. Is it me or this shit STINK? Police are reactionary, meaning they react to a situation. But not to create a situation. In America cops are are taught to escalate instead of descalate. Judges, politicians, lawmakers all come to work with lemos and private drivers. They don't live in these areas they don't don't care because all the negativity don't affect them personally. But they know cops are bad but they don't care.

  2. i salute you Joe!! we need more cops like you!!…i wish you the very best career wise😃😃

  3. Greetings, I urge you to please watch this video as it will certainly shed light on what's going on today regarding the "Public Officials". And I mean all of them (police officers included); regardless of what State you reside in because the Laws, statutes, etc, are uniformed in all the other states (but in different areas of that respective State Laws, statutes, etc), and regardless of the Public Officials Title.This video is very informative and their are some surprises to look forward to in order to hold them accountable for their actions and inactions. Take care.

  4. this is how the redcoats treat a real LAW enforcement. they fire him ,then threaten his life. and they'll act on it when they can.

  5. I feel like this guy is still trying to protect the cops. It’s like I feel bad. But I’m not telling you the whole story

  6. At 1:40 he tries to call him a coward, by assuming hes not patriotic, then finds out he served. Whos this wackjob interviewer? Do you want liars & un-convicted criminals working for your local PD? They tainted the badge. We need people who want to help, people with morals who wont give in to rage. Enough children with mental problems being recruited.

  7. Finally a "GOOD" cop, a warrior for truth and for the people. He knew he couldn't be a cop anymore with all the corruption.

  8. Get rid of all the fucking sergeants and other corrupt fucking people. People that work for the police need to report injustices. This is the reason the police force should be abolished.

  9. Wait, so reporting a crime now makes him a rat? So aren't all cops rats then? Isn't that their job? This should be scary for any cop lovers.

  10. Maybe Joe could go back to run the "the police service" in Baltimore. He would start by flushing out the many bad cops then train and hire better ones. Finally start knocking crime on the head (no pun, that’s a figure of speech only) What a great guy.

  11. When someone commits a crime against a cop, the penalty is usually more severe than if they committed it against a civilian. When a cop commits a crime, the penalty should be more severe than when a civilian commits the same crime. It’s unbelievable to me that cops are held to a lower standard than civilians when it comes to obeying the law. How can the community respect a group of supposed civil servants that don’t set an example for the community? The whole thing is a fucking disaster. The need for reform is so severe that it’s hard to have any optimism about it.

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