On Shabbos Shuva/Haazinu, September 7, 2013, a seven-year-old Jewish girl was raped in an alley, by whom???

With Shomrim As Our Protectors, may G-D Please Have Mercy On Us

A story is circulating that two [non Jewish] barbers were arrested last night in Boro Park for molesting a Jewish teenage boy. I wonder why this story was not picked up by the major media.        According to the report, that it’s only source is a private investigator whose name includes a foul word in Yiddish. And who also worked at one time for notorious molester Baruch M. Lebovits ימ”ש, Boro Park streets are a safer place since 2 molesters were arrested.        I GOT BAD NEWS FOR YOU, There is still a Jewish rapist at large.

Yanky Daskal of Shomrim

        On Shabbos Shuva/Haazinu, September 7, 2013, a seven year old Jewish girl was raped in an alley on 46th Street between 12th and 13th avenues, it so happens that Yanky Daskal, head of corrupt Shomrim Patrol also known as BSSP lives on that block. According to what the Shomrim dispatcher personally told me and also to another person, they have video footage of the perpertrator pulling the little girl to the alley, and they also printed out a photo of the perp, but as of now the incident was not reported to police. When same dispatcher was called by an ADA, he denied any knowledge of the matter.SO WATCH YOUR KIDS