NYPD officer caught in Foul Mouthed tirade, Violently Pulling ill Jewish Taxi driver Out of Car

BOROUGH PARK, Brooklyn— The actions of an NYPD officer are raising concerns after cellphone video surfaced showing an aggressive encounter between the officer and a taxi driver who suffered a medical episode and crashed into several cars in Brooklyn.

On Tuesday around 7:30 p.m., a taxi operator crashed a Mercedes SUV into several cars near East 2nd and Ditmas Avenue, police said.

The car continued traveling and crashed into more cars near 18th Avenue and McDonald Avenue, police said.

The car continued traveling until it struck an elevated subway stanchion and came to a complete stop.

When police responded to the scene, they gave the 74-year-old driver several commands to turn off the car and exit the vehicle, police said.

The driver did not comply, according to police.

Cellphone footage captured the moment an officer began hurling unsavory language at the driver and then attempted to physically remove him from the car.

In the video, the NYPD officer can be heard yelling, “You stop, then you stop. You stop. Sir, f—ing touch me, I swear to God I will f— you up.”

Witnesses captured the cellphone video of the 74-year-old taxi driver being physically pulled from his SUV by an officer from the 66th precinct.

As the confrontation escalated, several of the driver’s friends appeared on scene and told officers that the driver had taken heart medication, which left him disoriented, police said.

Police confirmed to PIX11 that the driver had, indeed, suffered a medical emergency.

In the cellphone video, you can see the driver seemingly dazed and allegedly non-combative behind the wheel as an EMT personnel tries to deescalate the confrontation.

“Guys hang on, hang on. Don’t hurt him. We’re on film,” an EMT could be heard saying to the officer in question.

Despite the plea of the EMT, the police officer continued his profanity-laced tirade saying , “Get out of the f—ing car! I don’t give a f—. Get out of the f—ing car!”

The driver, uninjured, was transported to the hospital.

No arrests were made.

The driver will face no criminality due to the medical episode.

NYPD has not released a comment regarding the video showing an officer violently pulling the ill man from the vehicle.

13 Replies to “NYPD officer caught in Foul Mouthed tirade, Violently Pulling ill Jewish Taxi driver Out of Car”

  1. He's a jew, either drunk or on pills, this is why I hate jews! I don't care about their religious beliefs, they're just plain slim! Jews are a form of cancer to our society.

  2. Cops should just assume that any one of God's Chosen People who crashes into multiple cars is simply having a medical issue and just ask him politely if he is okay when he finally stops. If he is okay then the cop should humbly apologize for bothering him and then promptly resign from the police force. Anything less comes frighteningly close to Hitler's Germany.

  3. NYPD officer should be ashamed of himself that was uncalled for to curse him out and drag him out especially seeing he is not well,,,, if this was a black guy you would see this all over every channel protests …F*CK THE POLICE<<<

  4. That police officer obviously wasn’t trained in Israel, if he was he would have not shot him but just repeated..”I’m a good goy….most important ally….I’m a good goy….most important ally!”

  5. This is what happens when you don’t properly screen your applicants for the job of a police officer.

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