12 Replies to “Georgia cops fired after videos surface”

  1. So no one went to prison etc for it, basically just downgraded them to the inevitable asshole security guard.

  2. They weren't embarrassed by the cop's actions, only that it was filmed. Long jail sentence is in order, preferably with black gang members as cellies.

  3. Goes to show you these morherfuckers think they are up over and beyond the law…this could have been you. Always film cops when they are present. They are sneaky, and this is why the general population doesn’t trust them.

  4. Copkiller for life fuck the police racist mother fuckers cowards ass bitches much of pussies

  5. This is more fucked up than them not firing them. They’re acknowledging that they did something completely wrong, both morally and legally yet not pressing charges against them. If a regular citizen did that he’d be in jail

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